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Full Version: The Walking Dead
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I had to actually look that up, I thought you were announcing the zombies are talking now. I was like NOOOOO!!!! But its just a talk show that's gonna fail, like a less accessible american version of Doctor Who Confidential, just without a classic 50-year-old series backing it up.

I don't think it'll be complete shite, but it will be cancelled before Walking Dead.
Ha! I was thinking that nOm was commenting on the new series! Lots of talking.....

IMHO - I think the new series is pretty good thus far.
Sorry for the minor scare guys, loving S2 so far as well although it's nowhere near as good as the comics.
have yet to see any of season 2. watched season 1 and loved every minute of it. it was so good.

how's it been so far in season 2?
So far season 2 is as good as season 1.
Agreed - it's still VERY character driven/centric. I don't recall, did the zombies jog before? They do now!

I see it's already been renewed for a third season Big Grin
Let's hope they get Frank back somehow.
Yay new episode to watch tonight.
Jogging zombies? **sigh** Dawn of the Dead all over again.
I was hoping they'd keep it classic.
Zombies don't have to run to be menacing. If they attack in packs, you'll hardly ever make it out.
Proof: season 1 camp attack.
They've had jogging zombies before, lots of times, particularly after they've spotted someone they tend to get a bit more motivated.

Not seen the new episode yet so can't comment specifically on that.
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