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So does anyone still watch this show regularly?

It used to be MUST SEE TV for me but somewhere two seasons ago it began to lose me.
The way overboard, over long, overly violent cliffhanger/Glen's death was the beginning of the end for me.  Along with, as  pointed out, the formula repeat storylines, the show grew tiresome.
Especially since it seemed to devolved from a show at its heart about keeping one's humanity to just building up to the next "shocking" death.

But with reluctant morbid curiosity I checked out the last week's episode after all the hype 

Carl's death
and disappointedly found the show to be even more hallow and soulless than I remembered.   Even though it has added significantly to it's mythology since I last watched, it just left me with a cold been-there-done-that feeling.

And yet AMC continues to promote the hell out of this series, promising even more spin-offs.   So am I missing something?  Are there still avid fans of this show on the site?  Can they convince me to give this once beloved series another chance???  Blush
I tuned out when Glen fell backwards off a dumpster with a body on him and wasn't injured at all even after zombies started to devour said body and he escaped by somehow pulling himself out from under the body and zombies and hiding under the dumpster.

And yes, I wrote that terrible of a sentence in honor of how terrible I think the show is.
The show started its decline halfway through season 4 once the governor was killed off for me. Stuck with it till the end of season 5  before I bailed.
bionicbob Wrote:So am I missing something?  Are there still avid fans of this show on the site?  Can they convince me to give this once beloved series another chance???  Blush

‘Walking Dead’ Season 8 Midseason Premiere Is Show’s Lowest-Rated Ever

From Wikipedia
[Image: 2fd86f5f340270f84b2148dd4a281e06.png]
Looks like a bell curve on its way down to me.
In someways, it is amazing the show has succeeded for so long considering all the behind the scenes issues and revolving door of producers and showrunners.

Though from a Network's perspective it really isn't about quality or ratings, it is about money.   And as long as the franchise merchandise continues to generate big capital, I imagine the show will continue in some form.

And I am certain the series still has legions of hardcore devoted fans.  I know what it is like to fall in love with show and stick with it and defend it, even though I knew it had jumped the shark (Smallville)  Tongue
It's a pet peeve of mine that TWD, despite apparently being a repetitious, nihilistic bore, gets so much in-depth attention on nerd sites (io9 especially) while the awesome, hopeful, and ever-evolving The Last Ship hardly ever gets mentioned. (Full disclosure: I'm a Navy veteran, and I haven't yet seen Ship's latest S4, so it might have declined from the excellent first three years.) Is it a case of the liberals and libertarians who're drawn to bleak apocalypse scenarios not caring about the Navy? Or are zombies still so captivating, more than a decade after the craze started, that a show featuring them is automatically worthy of undying nerd attention and love, no matter how mediocre it's been for years and years? I mean, I guess the fact that TWD has its comics counterpart and spin-off show explains part of the discrepancy, but, sheesh.

I've never seen TWD, but there was a time, long ago, when it sounded interesting, and I figured I'd watch it someday, but from all I've heard over the years, it's just an aimless, directionless slog, and if I felt the urge to get an apocalypse fit and my Y: The Last Man books weren't doing it and that adaptation still hadn't happened, I'd be better off re-watching The Last Ship. "Honor, Courage, Commitment!" Hooyah!  Tongue
(03-05-2018, 10:54 AM)bionicbob Wrote: [ -> ]  I know what it is like to fall in love with show and stick with it and defend it, even though I knew it had jumped the shark (Smallville)  Tongue

Yeah I'm like that with Dexter, it took a nosedive after season four but I still defend it. The finale of that was one of the most hated ever. I wouldnt say it was perfect but I did really like it. Conversely I loved the Ozymandias episode of Breaking Bad but the actual finale was a bit far fetched and felt like an epilogue. Not saying it wasn't good but I did come away just a little underwhelmed.  The Shield and Six Feet Under would be the highwater mark for show finales imo
Variety Wrote:‘Walking Dead’ Drops to Lowest Ratings Since Season 1
“The Walking Dead” just can’t catch a break.

This past Sunday’s episode of the AMC zombie apocalypse series, the tenth episode of the show’s eighth season, drew a 2.9 rating in adults 18-49 and 6.8 million viewers in the Nielsen Live+Same Day numbers. That is the lowest rating in the key demographic that the show has put up since its first season back in 2010. The last time “The Walking Dead” drew less than a 3.0 rating was the Season 1 episode “Wildfire,” which drew a 2.8. The last time the show drew less than 7 million viewers was the second season episode “Better Angels,” which averaged 6.9 million.

This week’s episode was also down around 20 percent in both measures compared to last week’s midseason premiere, one of the steeper drop offs the show has seen between a midseason premiere and a subsequent episode to date. As Variety reported last week, the Season 8 midseason premiere was the lowest-rated midseason premiere in series history, putting up a 3.6 rating in adults 18-49 and 8.3 million viewers.

Previously, the Season 8 midseason finale was the show’s lowest-rated since Season 2. The Season 8 premiere was also the show’s lowest-rated since its third season, despite the fact that the Season 8 opener was also the show’s 100th episode.

Again, it bears repeating that “The Walking Dead” was still the top-rated and most-watched cable show of the night by far and faced stiff competition from the Academy Awards on ABC, which also saw new ratings lows.
(03-29-2011, 05:46 PM)veggieguy12 Wrote: [ -> ]It's pretty different from the comics... And the pals I have who've read it were a bit disappointed with the show.
Glad you all seem to appreciate it.

TWD is my favorite comic of all time.  I actually stayed away from the show because I knew it couldn't possibly live up to my estimation of the comic.  Still, with all the rave reviews, I eventually decided to catch up.  You're right though, after the pilot, it departed significantly and often from the comic, to the detriment of the show in almost every case.
(02-22-2012, 05:35 PM)veggieguy12 Wrote: [ -> ]The last episode aired was 209, "Triggerfinger".

In it, Glen, Rick, and Hershel are surrounded by an advancing horde of zombies, and they spend a couple minutes debating whether and how to save a teen who's leg is impaled, though that teen was earlier trying to kill them? The foreigners who find that trio in the bar attempt (unsuccessfully) to get their weapons pointed at the guys, though that's really unlikely to result in them getting them the info on the group's farm hideout. (You can threaten the hostage to get his info, but that's it - the hostage knows you can't actually go through with the threat, or you'll never have the info. Better would be to leave quietly, and secretly track the trio back to wherever.) Laurie, the pregnant mother, tells nobody when she leaves her child and risks her life in an attempt to find her husband - who may be dead, or not where she expects him. And the people who came looking for the two 'bar intruders' behaved in a way I also find unrealistic, speaking right outside the door for Rick, Hersh, and Glen to hear, then shooting wildly (and unseen) into the bar, rather than just let people exit and shoot them (or force a surrender). And Glen shat his pants and froze behind the dumpster, then fired off his shotgun from a distance, though he was still apparently effective at hitting the brain and stopping the zombies. Laurie evades one attacking zombie and, while stopping and staring at the body, is attacked from behind. Carol, distraught over her zombie-daughter's death, wanders a short distance from camp to punch & pull grass - despite the typical (not-so) surprise danger of pop-up zombie attacks? Despite his increasing instability & threatening action to the group, nobody has gone out on a mission with Shane and killed him, simply reporting back to the group that he got bit or accidentally shot himself? Who would burn the calories and waste the energy to bury those zombie bodies? Was it four graves they dug? I just can't believe that stuff.

I actually didn't have a problem with characters doing stupid things because of emotions in these early episodes, though.  I figure when the S hits the fan, a lot of people would be like that.  I don't think most people can hit a switch and become The Punisher overnight.  It's a learning process of them having to toughen up, adjust their world view and morality, and come to grips with what they need to do to survive.  That stuff takes time, so I was willing to let things go.

Of course, in later episodes, once the characters have done all that and are badasses and the writers make stupid things happen to them just because they like torture porn....that's totally different.
(03-06-2016, 01:06 PM)bionicbob Wrote: [ -> ]However, still loving Walking Dead. Season Six has been very enjoyable for me. The second half opener was mind-blowing for me, in the span of a couple of minutes Rick's latest paramour and family is wiped out and then what happens to poor Carl!

It's interesting to go back and see people's journeys as their feelings changed for this show.  I stayed away from it during all the hype, so now just watching it on Netflix straight through is a very different experience, I think.  I had a very different reaction to the Zombies/Wolves battle in Alexandria, for example.

This was the first season where I felt that pretty much all of the characters had become pretty competent, smart, hardened survivors except Eugene and my personal least favorite, Julian.  So it was brutal to see the writers continually have Carl make stupid decisions with regards to Jody that led to such a predictable outcome.  It doesn't fit with how savvy they previously portrayed him.

Similarly, the whole "we're all going to hold hands and walk through this and nothing will go wrong" seemed like the stupidest plan ever that Rick could've come up with.  They could've maybe sold me on it by him making some speech to the kid beforehand, or purposely positioning them all in a certain order, or something, anything!  But of course that idea would go horribly wrong.  

This was just the first instance of writers writing because they wanted to make a tragedy happen, not writing the characters as they've been developed.  The whole ending with Negan was so contrived, it was ridiculous.  No amount of good acting can make up for such unbelievable writing.  I know almost half the audience of the show left after the next season premiere, which was also horrible.

I've started watching again after a break from that to see if I can hang in there.  Some friends tell me the recent season has been some of the best episodes yet, but I'm not willing to wade through another season and a half of bad writing to get there, so we'll see...
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