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Full Version: The Walking Dead
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We rented all 6 episodes about two weeks ago, planning on watching one episode a night over the week,
but after the pilot we could not stop and watched all 6 in one night. Boy were we tired at work the next morning....LOL!:-)

But seriously, having not read the comic, I thought it was absolutely Awesome!
It is so much more than just a zombiefest. It is a real character study, how good, ethical, honorable people survive after all security of civilization is ripped away. I can not wait to see what they have in store for season two!Smile
This universe is different from other zombie stuff in that anyone who dies will reanimate, it does not depend on any kind of infection; zombie bites only hasten death (as any hemorrhaging injury might), and with death comes a return to post-death life.
Frank Darabont has been fired from The Walking Dead :x :frusty:
nOmArch Wrote:Frank Darabont has been fired from The Walking Dead :x :frusty:

Yeah... that was announced probably a month ago. Way to be on the ball. Smile
First I heard about it and since nobody had bothered to post it here...
I'm just giving you grief. It does such, and it's even worse that it sounds like it was over the budget.
AMC slashed the budget, that's half the reason for Frank being fired because he wouldn't comply.
hopefully this show is able to go forward and still be great. but i have a feeling that it may not work that way this time around. which is sad, cause if that happens then this'll be added to the list of series that have ended before its time (Firefly leading my list)
Futurama brings hope to everyone everywhere.

That said, I enjoyed the first season of Walking Dead immensely. Obviously they're not going to re-hire the director, but I hope they get someone competent enough to handle the material, or just outright cancel it. I'd rather see a good show die than become a steaming pile of disappoint. :p
Talking Dead = complete shite
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