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Full Version: The Walking Dead
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people traumatized by the zombie apocalypse want to see. . . arena-style human-on-zombie akshun? in between picnics? not exactly where i'd want shelter.
With no Telly, Xbox*, Internet or any other meaningful entertainment other than reading random books I think I could go for some human vs zombie action.

*insert your favourite game playing device here
Damn fine episode last night.
Indeed it was.
Agreed, the last episode was Great start to finish. But that last 5 min stole the episode. That episode right there is a great example of why the walking dead is a great show
agreed. this season has been really great so far
I've seen so many converts to the show in the last 3 months. Pretty much everyone in my office now watches it. Even the guy who doesn't really like horror or the zombie genre. In his words 'addictive'.
So yeah Season 3 was pretty amazing.
Carl's conversation with Rick scared the crap out of me.
I don't know what scared me more, that these words were coming out of Carl's mouth or that it made perfect, logical sense the way he said it.
Fucking Epic
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