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Full Version: Starz Camelot
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Whilst purusing about the new Spartacus blokie, I notice Starz are doing an Arthurian:


Joseph Fiennes, Eva American accents???? :p
I'm sorry, but that looks awful. It got worse when the song kicked in..... I still love Merlin with Sam Neill!!!
I don't suspect the contemporary song is in it...well, I hope.

You mean you don't dig BBC's Merlin???!?!?! ;-)
I dunno, it look's alright to me, and don't forget Spartacus started out weak (rectified in the BR editions) but finished unbelievably strong.

Merlin, really?

EDIT: sorry, didn't notice the smiley.
Did you ever finish this Dave? I watched the first episode and then never found enough reason to go back, First series should be out soon and I might pick it up if it's worth it.
I thought all the sex was totally OTT. I really like the humour and fun in Merlin, so this show feels quite unnecessary to me.
I gave up on it after a few episodes. I mean I like seeing Eva Green naked as much as the next man but this show just got boring after a while. And the budget is clearly not big enough either.

But the boredom did surprise me. I remember watching a Merlin TV Film with Helena Bonham Carter and Sam Neill and that was good, so the Camelot writers really have no excuse. Plus, casting a boy as Arthur and having all the supporting cast as grown men was a mistake. I just didn't believe these tough worldly men would follow this boy.
I also bailed out on this like three episodes in, yeah it has Miss Green going for it but thats the only thing going for it IMO: the kid they got for playing Arthur might be good for other kind of roles but certainly not here, Fiennes doesn't fit Merlin for my tastes, except for some appearances by Purefoy the rest of the cast seemed non-present .... not worth watching.

And the fact that it won't return for a second season says everything I need to know.
havok1977 Wrote:And the fact that it won't return for a second season says everything I need to know.

Thank you all, poundingtons will be saved.