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Full Version: Superman/Doomsday--PT.3 JUSTICE!!!!!
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Here's a pretty clever mash-up that I had not seen before.....

WOW that is an awesome mash up ... with lots of special effects added in.

It would be really cool if such a movie was made.

After all the dark night was a "dark" movie with serious subject matter, so why cant they have a death of superman movie?

They can make it with the return of superman sequel in mind ... and have a reign of supermen movie follow it
That was very impressive. Music was spot on. Very dramatic, with a cool Batman/Wonder Woman cameo.
As much as I'd like to see a darker Superman film, it couldn't feature Doomsday, or at the very least, not the original comic book ending. The world went berserk when they killed off Superman. Doing it again on film wouldn't do any good I think. Besides, the follow up story arc, featuring the Man of Steel (the robot one), and all the other fakes, was just too much Smile
Wasn't the Tim Burton/Nick Cage Superman movie supposed to be about the Death of Superman?
Impressive work... but the thing is, SR really screwed the pooch in terms of the Death of Superman storyline. We've already seen Supes in a hospital, pretty much dead, the Planet wondering if he'll survive or not. Singer must have had no intention of ever doing Doomsday on the big screen, because he pretty well buried it for at least another movie or two.
Awesome trailer, would like to see a little more of the Bruce, Diana cameo, I dont suppose we will, but truly amazing editing skills.
The sequel trailer has been announced!
It will be released on May 30 on Youtube.
It will be less action packed and focus the "Funeral for a Friend" storyline.
Really looking forward to this one.

Looking forward to this, shall be on Youtube tomorrow to take a look.
Impressive amount of work.
Some effects are of course a bit less good than the others and maybe clever simple editing would have been better than average special effects from time to time, but WOW! 80% of the effects are amazing anyway.
We need this guy around here at!
A trailer for a trailer? I love it. Big Grin
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