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Full Version: Superman/Doomsday--PT.3 JUSTICE!!!!!
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As JSW says... absolutely stunning work. March 13th can not come quick enough. Thanks to you Kashcei for all the work you've put into this.
Wowza, how have I not seen this thread before. Pretty damn good special effects. This person must be an After Effects whiz.
JetSetWilly Wrote:Looks awesome so far. Can I ask what programs you use to fuse Batman and Superman in the same shot?

Thanks! I used Adobe After Effects for all the compositing
Cool. Looks like I'd better whip out the help files and get learning then lol. Honestly, though, seriously excellent.
....and here it is boys and girls, the final chapter -- JUSTICE!!!

Well, isn't that a fine piece of work!
It is an amazingly ambitious piece of editing! Well, more than editing -- the amount of work that went into those FX Manips -- that is true passion!

It also clearly demonstrates the Epic Nature of Superman that really has not been captured on the silver screen since Superman II.

Also, best use of Star Trek Nemesis EVER!!!! Now I want a sequel! LOL!

Great work K!

Thank you for the Super Entertainment!

I am now going to watch the WHOLE saga again from the beginning. Up, up and Away! \S/ Smile
Excellent! Now to watch the whole lot one after each other.
:hail: That was an absolutely stunning piece of work. Honestly, if we ever get a Justice League movie one can but hope that it has half the emotion and heart of Kaschei's 3 part Doomsday extravaganza. The amount of work which must have gone into this just boggles the mind.

I was welling up during parts of it, such is the skill of the editing, special effects work, music etc etc. Fantastic.
kashchei2003 Wrote:Thanks for the support you guys! Didn't know this thread was still alive?! Well you're in for a treat then! I'll be uploading the "Final Hour" trailer later this week, and the finale, "Justice" will come the following week! Hope you guys enjoy it and join the Superman Doomsday facebook fan page!

This looks really good! I plan to watch it all from the beginning.

May I ask where you got the footage of Wonder Woman from? I'm guessing some sort of fan film, because there hasn't been a live-action Wonder Woman in ages (not counting the David E. Kelley pilot, and I think Part 1 of your edit actually predates that).
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