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Full Version: Superman/Doomsday--PT.3 JUSTICE!!!!!
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Lois, Batman and Wonder Woman mourn Superman's death.
Exceptionally well done.

Well all we want now is the next bit, ha ha! Antman was right we could use his talents on this site. Great editing.
yeah, definitely looking forward to seeing what he does with the last part.
The saga continues.....

Wonder Woman's perspective on the Death of Superman.

and the teaser for the final chapter... JUSTICE.

This person, be it man, woman, or mineral, is brilliant. This is my first time seeing their work, and it's wonderful! I'd like to see it all edited together into a pseudo live action episode when it's all done! The trailers even have extra details! Wonderful, simply wonderful.
He continues to amaze me. How long until part three?! We wants it, we needs it, our precious!!!
Part 3 of the Superman/Doomsday fan edit trailer series.... VENGEANCE!!!


Only one more part to go....Smile
the final interlude until the long awaited last chapter JUSTICE....

"You Are Not Alone"

Believe or not I've only just come across these.... I am totally amazed. Fantastic editing and some very impressive special effects work too. It makes me so badly want to see a WonderWoman/Batman/Superman crossover. We of course may well get that now with Justice League, but will it be as good as these fan made shorts??? I wonder.

It also reminds me yet again how under-rated Brandon Routh is as both Clark Kent and Superman. He had an impossible job filling in Reeve's shoes, but boy did he rise to the challenge. Great work and if only this guy/woman was in the fanedit community.
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