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Full Version: Comedy Central Roast of The Hoff
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Anyone catch this? Normally I avoid them like the plague due to being about as funny as cancer but this one was hosted by Seth MacFarlane and was hilarious. They even took the piss out of that drunk hamburger eating youtube video.
That was a good roast for the most part. Some seriously fucked up jokes in there.
the bob saget roast kicked my ass. havent seen this one yet.
I was surprisingly pleased by Gilbert Gottfried's turn at the mic.
This one was boring. The Bob Saget one was really good - I loved how everyone kept making jokes about Saget doing the twins...

But the one that was really hilarious was the Shatner roast (except for the creepy part with Farrah Fawcett). Everyone was really funny, but Betty White just killed!

Charlie Sheens Roast, #Winning!
nOmArch Wrote:Charlie Sheens Roast, #Winning!

The only ones that weren't funny were Anthony Jeselnick and Patrice O'Neal. Never heard of either one of them. Even Mike Tyson was slightly funny. Jeffrey Ross was the funniest though. Love that guy.

"If you're winning, then who the fuck is working the scoreboard?" :lol: