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Full Version: The Six Million Dollar Man
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All the legel rights issues have finally been resolved!

The greatest action adventure series of the 1970s is finally coming to DVD!!!!!! :lol:

THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN and THE BIONIC WOMAN will finally get a Region One release this FALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8)

Universal Studios is releasing THE BIONIC WOMAN, with street date of October 19!

Time Life will releasing THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN.
The release date has not been announced yet, but one can expect it will closely coincide with the BW release.

The real cool part, with past Time Life releases, you could always buy the entire series collection immediately instead of waiting for
season set releases monthes apart from each other. Also, Time Life does an incredible job cleaning up old series and creating excellent bonus material.
:grin: :grin: :-D :-D Big Grin
ok BIONICBob, I have to ask... do you have any plans for fanedits based on this series?
If so, what? the entire bigfoot arch? going from Andre the Giant to Ted Kennedy? or the Death Probe?

If you were to re-make it as a hollywood film, what would be your cast?
here's mine:
How about Chris Pine as Steve Austin?.
Pierce Brosnan as Oscar Goldman,
Alan Arkin as Dr Rudy Wells?
Directed by JJ Abrams.

I seem to rekall us doing a thread about this a few years ago.... Confusedmile:

I do have a couple of Bionic Edits planned... hee hee!!!

After watching THE HUMAN TARGET season finale a few months back,
I thought MARK VALLEY and AMY ACKER would make a good STEVE AUSTIN and JAIME SUMMERS.

But for the Big Screen with an unlimited budget.....

Some people might think this is crazy
but I think BEN AFFLECK and JENNIFER GARDNER would make a good bionic couple.

For some reason, I think PETER WELLER would be a cool and yet dangerous OSCAR GOLDMAN.
I think I would change RUDY WELLS gender (thus, Oscar and Ruby are the bionic parents) and would
choose either CCH Pounder or Alfre Woodard.

For a movie of such movie of such epid awesomeness it would require the brillaint genius of BOTH JJ Abrams and James Cameron!!!! :grin:
ok. then how about this for casting:
Will Smith: Steve Austin
Jeff Bridges as Oscar Goldman
Ben Kingsly as Dr Rudy Wells
Kate Beckinsale as Jamie Summers
Shaq as Bigfoot
Will Smith?!!!?

Well, I guess he has the bionic ears already! :lol:

No, keep Mr. Smith away from my beloved Bionic memories. Will Smith is one of my favorite actors, but he already raped my childhood once with the WILD WILD WEST :lol:

Honestly, I would prefer the SMDM return as weekly dramatic action sci-fi series. It has so much mythology to tap into, that a big feature every 3 or 4 years would be too much for me to stand.

Imagine, the SMDM, now retitled simply CYBORG, as big budget 13 episode HBO series.
With the right showrunner and production team, this show would rock!
Have each season be one epic storyline, like BUFFY used to be.... resolve the A story each episode while the B story builds to the climatic season ender!

How about Ryan Reynolds as Steve Austin? He seems destined to play every superhero!
Or how about Tom Hanks as Oscar Goldman?
And Tyler Mane as Bigfoot! :grin:
I think I will be a very HAPPY CAMPER come November! Confusedmile: ... ries/14119
The Time Life website is up, nothing on it yet, but it is up.... yippeee!!! Confusedmile:
The entire series is now available for pre-order from Time Life!!!! Smile ... yId=161002
TVonDVD has some clips from some of bonus features...
[Image: SixMillionDollarMan_Complete.png]

Pretty decent looking box set Wink
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