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Full Version: A Game of Thrones (SPOILER EDITION)
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Could be nice!

Don't know if the style of writing lends itself to the screen, but I guess they will make their own version of events. The scope is epic if nothing else.
This is one of those books I've always wanted to read, but I can only get 200 pages into or so and get bored with it. I have several friends that are constantly talking this one up but, alas, I think it's more of a watcher for me than one to read.
I am very much looking forward to this series, Ive never read the books but as a fantasy fan in general it seems like major deal:

The trailers and clips really look great, a return to form for HBO's original content, finally?
This is by far my favorite series of all time. I'm so glad the next book finally has a release date, and I'm really looking forward to the series (despite having mixed feelings about how some of it looks in the previews and some of the casting (Cersei in particular).
Started watching the series and I think it is quite good, especially the child actors are very well cast and deliver
Love Sean Bean he just fits in this environment, the conflicts are very nice, very intriguing

I started reading the first book after looking for something Dark Tower-esque but I could never get myself to reading on it just was talking talking bla bla bloodline .- but i have to admit this really works for television, all the conspiracy and playing with power makes for a nice drama
I agree. This is just Sean Bean's sort of thing, and it's great to see him in the series. So far I'm really enjoying it and can't ever wait for the next episode; and it's been a long time since I said that about a TV programme: usually I don't bother with TV: I watch just boxsets or films.

Like Sunarep I tried to read the book once, but gave up because it seemed like nothing more than standard fantasy fare. Perhaps I should have persevered. Regardless, it adapts well to TV.
It's definitely not standard fantasy fare.
So, my four episode rule has kicked in - i will continue watching this series and come over my lost problems Wink - basically for a tv series I think one can never judge just by the pilot because the pilot has a lot of set up, so I think after 4 episodes it is possible to estimate if you like this series (like season 1 of lost had Walkabout as the fourth)

I must say the series is featuring a lot of "nothing happens" but I don't mind it. I remember talking to a friend once who read the series and i mentioned that the things i liked most about lord of the rigns are the moments when they are planning stuff like "we have 200 archers in the forrest, 100 knights on the other side bla bla bla" and he told me that Game of Thrones is essentially that and it really looks like it

I like the characters especially the Dwarf, he has charisma and Arya Stark is probably my favorite

Also that every character has his shades of gray where Boromir started as this sympathetic nice king i liked the fact that the "cripples" episode compared his loyalty to just being a blind follower.

The Queen and her brat son are awesome and i think the highpoint of the current four episodes was the fight between the four children and the aftermatch with the queen that made me want to punch that bitch - reminds me of reading harry potter

anywho... while I enjoy this series I doubt it will last for long
They confirmed a second season, but to maintain that high of a production value I fear this series won't last long
Sunarep Wrote:Also that every character has his shades of gray where Boromir started as this sympathetic nice king i liked the fact that the "cripples" episode compared his loyalty to just being a blind follower.

lol I think of Sean Bean's character as an older Boromir sometimes too. I wondered when the trailers for the show were first shown if there might be some footage from some point in the series that could be used in a LOTR edit -- perhaps some footage of Boromir as a king that could show the character's thoughts.

EDIT: Oh, and I agree with the point about shades of gray too. Smile
Hm... there sure is a lot of talking going on, i just hope it pays off in the season finale
while not hooking me like Dexter Season 1 this show does have some goods and especially one reason to watch it:

[Image: game-of-thrones-13.jpg]

Peter Dinklage, he is just fantastic, especially Episode 6 made him shine, he truly is the star of this show and Boromir as well as Arya the youngest daughter - generally all child actors are good everytime they are on screen
I'm just curious when this littlefinger character will get interesting since apparantly he is a fan favorite from the books