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Full Version: Random movie thoughts
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I'm considering watching The Garbage Pail Kids Movie.
(01-10-2020, 03:58 AM)Duragizer Wrote: [ -> ]I'm considering watching The Garbage Pail Kids Movie.

Don't do that to yourself. Watch Spookies instead.
This poster for a Polish crime movie 'Psy 3: W Imie Zasad' (aka 'Dogs 3') which is playing at my local cinema looks rude for some reason...? Big Grin

[Image: psy-3-plakat_uk.jpg]
And horizontally thin also.  Wink
So I've started listening to the Best Bad Movie Ever podcast, and it's a lot of fun, with a distinct vibe from back when they still had their in-house talent. As a huge hater of Brad Bird's truly execrable Tomorrowland, therefore, I was apprehensive about listening to the episode on the same, for fear that any defense of it would drive me up the wall. Happily, however, the gang - who all repeatedly and earnestly profess to like the movie - go very deep into its WTF-ery, particularly with regards to George Clooney being a violent hermit in love with a robot preadolescent girl. It's a damn fine listen, is what I'm saying.
[Image: tomorrowland_poster.jpg]

No, but seriously, this movie is hot garbage.
I need to see more of Lon Chaney's films.
Well, I saw Lon Chaney walking with the Queen, doing the Werewolves of London.
[Image: blus.jpg]
If the Guild Navigators make an appearance in Villeneuve's Dune, they should resemble the talking fish from Maelström.

When I was a kid and watching through the Halloween movies, I was obsessed with the idea of Michael Myers being redeemed and turning good. Whichever movie starts with him in a coma being taken care of by an old hermit, I was expecting them to become friends, but then they didn't. I've just been thinking about this again lately.
Now that I'm older and I realize how bad the sequels are (based on memories, I haven't actually watched them since then, except for 6,which is horrible), I think it would've been more interesting to have a plot like that, though I definitely don't think it's an especially good idea.