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Full Version: Random movie thoughts
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(06-15-2019, 11:15 AM)Possessed Wrote: [ -> ]
(06-15-2019, 10:28 AM)addiesin Wrote: [ -> ]
(06-14-2019, 09:39 PM)suspiciouscoffee Wrote: [ -> ]Separating art from artists is bad and wrong.
Maybe to you, in this case, but the issue is not that simple universally.

I agree with this,  but i at least understand the desire to not separate art from artist.  What I don't understand is wanting to associate with with what artist was up to while specifically making the piece in question.  "Oh he wasn't being too mean when he made this one so I'll watch it.  But i heard he was being a jerk while making this one so I can't watch this one."

Yes, it's a complex topic and to dig deep into it is to have a conversation about philosophy.

Everyone has their own line they won't cross.
After watching T2 about 100 times... I only just realised that it isn't a cigarette that falls out of Dr. Silberman's mouth in this iconic scene (it's the cap of a hypodermic). Idiot Blush :

[Image: images3.jpeg]

By the way, tracking down old 4:3/fullscreen DVDs, such as for T2 is hard. Like needles in haystacks.
So Halloween's Jamie Lee Curtis and Spinal Tap's Christopher Guest are a Baron and Baroness apparently.
I keep forgetting that Joker is a movie that’s happening this year. I’m not ready for The Discourse to come with it.
(06-27-2019, 08:05 PM)suspiciouscoffee Wrote: [ -> ]I keep forgetting that Joker is a movie that’s happening this year.

Oh, yeah. That thing's a thing, isn't it?
Bet $20 that the thing that makes the Joker snap in this is that a women rejects him and he becomes an incel hero.
And now, the Forum presents... Gaith's Movie Thoughts™ on Yesterday:
*Classical violin intro*

So Yesterday wants me to believe in a world in which the music of the Beatles never existed? Sure, fine. But it also wants me to believe that a broke, going-nowhere heterosexual musician with a best friend and supporter who looks exactly like Lily "Literally a Disney Princess" James would ignore her obvious romantic in him for more than, oh, the amount of time it takes to play the song "Yesterday"?! Get the funk out with that rubbish!
[Image: Untitled.jpg]

Ergh, what a plain Jane! A struggling artist would in no way settle for the likes of her.

And that was Gaith's Movie Thoughts™ on Yesterday, as presented by the Forum. Stay tuned for local weather and traffic...
*Classical violin outro*
I want a She-Hulk movie. And I want it based on John Byrne's fourth wall-breaking She-Hulk. And I want the actress who plays She-Hulk to bulk up; a skinny She-Hulk will only piss me off.
(07-01-2019, 10:27 PM)Gaith Wrote: [ -> ]And now, the Forum presents... Gaith's Movie Thoughts™ on Yesterday:

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Just thinking about how I keep buying Blurays, always forgetting that they're inconvenient as I share a Bluray player with someone else. I will continue to buy more though. I need to buy a cheap Bluray player sometime for myself.