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Full Version: Random movie thoughts
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I just had a thought. Remember in the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets it was such a big deal that Harry and Ron was seen by Muggles flying in the blue car? And how the Order of the Phoenix film ignores this when Harry and the Order fly through London, over River Thames, and passing by a large boat, in plain sight?

Well, here is how I would have done it: so the sky is clear this time unlike the movie, so the awesome “Awh look at the beauty of London!” Stuff is still there. We see it from above, we see the order from below (as if they were birds) The Order is flying next to a lot of birds, fitting in, yes very nice... then suddenly the screeching sound of a plane is heard, when from a cloud afar, a plane comes out! The Order go into position to avoid it, and Harry makes a swirling spin to avoid it.

“Nice twirl, Harry!” says Tonks

“You okay there, kid?” says Mad-Eye Moody

“Yeah” says Harry, out of breath. “Didn’t they see us?”

“Bah, the plane’s so fast there’s no way they could’ve seen us!” says Moody

“Yeah, so are we! Wooo” says Tonks, twirling around exhilarated. Harry, smiles in excitement, and they continue on. As they fly on to Sirius’s house, they pass through a large cloud, symbolizing the coming darkness.

I dunno, I like it.
I saw this massively intriguing trailer for a German film from 2016...

(Warning. A few NSFW shots in there)

...and then discovered there is no release with subtitles available. Damn it all to hell!
This synth trailer for a new season at the BFI is amazing:

So endgame is the longest superhero film theatrically.

Watchmen I think is the longest, It's ultimate cut is 3h 35m
I don't really follow the whole marvel thing, but my mate said yesterday that it was 3 hours and I was like wahhjjansi!? That's longer than Fellowship of The Ring! To which followed the retort "not the extended cut", and I was like "Pfft. We're talking theatrical here, people"   Sleepy
^ And you were wrong both ways. Wink
I wonder if the Star Wars prequels are actually programs in The Matrix that Mouse wrote.
(04-25-2019, 10:32 PM)Junglist Paja Wrote: [ -> ]I wonder if the Star Wars prequels are actually programs in The Matrix that Mouse wrote.

Maybe. Though, his skills have gone down a peg or two if this is what's become of the woman in the red dress:

[Image: 1465913370-queen-amidala-star-wars.jpeg?resize=480:*]
My local 7-screen Cinema has 22 screenings of 'Avengers: Endgame' today and 1 showing each of another 2 films. Sounds reasonable.
my local Texas cinema has done basically the same thing,
but im going to an earlier showing in Tyler, texas and that cinema
has all the other shows as well- but i get to see endgame on IMAX