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Full Version: Random movie thoughts
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Holy moly, the new 4K Blu-ray T2 release, from the 3D conversion Cameron did earlier this year, is dark (and sometimes green-tinted) as heck!

[Image: 1360_3.jpg]

[Image: 16359_9.jpg]

[Image: 1360_2.jpg]

[Image: 16359_32.jpg]

[Image: 1360_1.jpg]

[Image: 16359_37.jpg]

[Image: 1360_9.jpg]

[Image: 16359_10.jpg]

DO NOT WANT. I'll happily stick with my original blu release over this one, thanks very much.
wow, no. ez-pass.
Wow. That looks shameful. 

What the pickle happened?
^ My only kind guess is that, while testing the 3D conversion, Cameron found the images lost emotional punch or looked silly when converted to stereo without a corresponding editorial tint. Dunno.
I thought they had made the image brighter to compensate for the 30% loss of brightness 3-d glasses give.  I don't remeber it looking dark at the cinema at all. I'm shocked!
"Hey Mr. Cameron, we're doing the blu-ray release, any suggestions?"

"Fuckin, I dunno, make it look like mud!"

^ skip to 1:17
I'm so happy I watched the whole thing and didn't just skip to that time code, holy crap was that worth the wait :')
[Image: Brendan-_Fraser-01.jpg]

If you're a Brendan Fraser fan who, like me, has wondered what happened to his career in the past fifteen years or so, this GQ profile/interview essay has some answers. Through no fault of his own (so far as I know), Fraser has become a minor meme in MRA circles due in part to a reportedly messy divorce with rumored high alimony payments, but said relationship split is only mentioned in passing here - the main focuses are the many surgeries necessitated by his stunt work, and an alleged (on his part) sexual assault in 2003. It's a good piece, and he seems a decent chap. And on the bright side, his career seems to be  rebounding somewhat. And I, for one, am certainly all in favor of more Fraser on our screens.
Why did David Fincher choose to shoot Alien 3 entirely in low angles?