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Full Version: Random movie thoughts
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There's some rumors making the circuit of a potential Matrix reboot.  Normally, I'd be upset by this sort of thing - I'll usually favor a distant sequel or expansion of the universe versus starting fresh ... but if this gives me material to crank out additional Robots vs Kung Fu sequels, I'm on board.
So it isn't a reboot.  What's with movie journalism using the term "reboot" to cover sequels, prequels, spinoffs, and everything else that are not continuity reboots?
^ The word "reboot" both sounds better and looks cooler (those double Os between the B and T are like eyes!), and is more widely applicable than, more specific terms, as it can mean both a from-scratch restart of a franchise (Casino Royale) and a revival of a dormant one (Tron Legacy).
The new Disney Beauty and the Beast is 45 minutes longer than the original?! Okay, five of those are probably CG animators' credits, and I get wanting to pump the story past 90 (not counting the end credits), so people feel they've gotten their money's worth, but still, that's a... beast of an expansion. (Sorry.)

Summonez les fan editors! Tongue
FYI: BFI-Player (From the British film Institute) is now offering a Netflix style subscription service (BFI PLAYER+) with the usual one-month free trial.

I've just signed up for the free month. You get 300 free films but it's not the rubbish subscription services usually include to make up the numbers. For example you can watch 28 out of the Sight and Sound 'Greatest 100 films ever made Poll' on the free service. You also have access to more films for a price (e.g. you get 20 more films from the S&S poll) but it seems like half the price you'd pay on Amazon. On the downside I'm seeing quite a few films in SD, when they should be HD, however I'm also seeing famous films in HD that are not available in HD anywhere else.

I don't know if it's available to international viewers (or just Brits) but it's a worth a try as this a sh*t ton of great stuff for free (for a month).
BFI player+ is UK only I'm afraid.
Welp, I'm convinced: Stargate is definitely a movie that exists. And... apparently it's a pretty awful one. 

^ Any film with that David Arnold score is a masterpiece by default.

You gotta admire the balls of the people that designed this dvd boxset...

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(05-14-2017, 05:12 PM)Gaith Wrote: [ -> ]Welp, I'm convinced: Stargate is definitely a movie that exists. And... apparently it's a pretty awful one. 

I hope you're joking. I've always considered it to be one of the better sci-fi movies. Sure it's a bit cheesy, but it was mind blowing at the time of its release and still looks good today.
Stargate's pretty fun and the soundtrack is fantastic. I never watched any of the shows of it though.