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Full Version: Random movie thoughts
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Long unavailable in HD, the Japanese animated film 'Metropolis' is being released on Region-B blu-ray from Eureka Entertainment Smile . A limited-steelbook in January and the regular release in March.

It looks beautiful in this new Eureka upload of the trailer...

Mark Kermode... raving about this new trailer...

I can see why, it looks amazing. I've been wanting to see this movie for years and finally it's got a 3-disc blu-ray release.

[Image: 81qwzrxaP4L._SL1500_.jpg]

I'm gonna ask Santa if he can get me a copy Smile .

Perhaps we should have an "Unusual and special Blu-Ray/DVD releases" thread?
(11-16-2016, 06:58 PM)TM2YC Wrote: [ -> ]Perhaps we should have an "Unusual and special Blu-Ray/DVD releases" thread?

Eh.  Maybe for the inevitable centennial edition in 2027.  Double dips in all. 

But in all seriousness, that's awesome.  I've heard about this one for a long while - didn't think it'd ever see the light of day.
TM2YC Wrote:[stuff about Napoleon]

you know, i recently gained a newfound respect for Napoleon.
i watched a bunch of videos from the Khan Academy's History section from the French Revolution to the activities of Napoleon.
defiantly not stuff they went over in high school.
(i'm not embedding this video list, it's just here for reference.)
French Revolution pt 1-4
Napoleon and the Wars of the First - Fourth Coalitions
Napoleon's Penisular Campaigns
French invasion of Russia (not a shining moment, but still interesting)
Napoleon forced to abdicate
tis the season for physics

Mind. Blown., courtesy of N-121973 at The Trek BBS:

Quote:If this was supposed to be our past, what happened to hobbits, immortal elves and the fantasy creatures such as goblins, orcs, dragons etc? What might have been interesting if Middle-Earth is our Earth in the distant past is that during the time lapse scene from I want to say 'Return of the King' where Arwen is imagining what life will be like with Aragorn and it shows her by his tomb at various periods, if the last scene had been her standing in a street in our time, supposedly on the site of his tomb, surrounded by cars and other modern things.
A song Bruce Springsteen recorded for the first Harry Potter movie (no, really) has been made available, and oh boy, is it awful. Cry
Wow, that has no place in Harry Potter. Dat synth...
^Just listened to it. Bleh. 

I mean, you know it's got real problems when Gaith and Throw BOTH agree it's bad.
That's some 90s end credits music right there.  I may have uses for this in the future.