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Full Version: Random movie thoughts
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For a moment I was excited, then I realized it was a different Rebel.
According to the Internets, today is the 10th anniversary of the film that taught a generation to dream... and, Zeus help me, I still love its immortal theme song:

Although the fan rap theme by Former Fat Boys is equally great. The track can be purchased here, but this is the best version available on youtube:
(08-04-2016, 03:35 PM)Neglify Wrote: [ -> ]Rebel Wilson to star in "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" remake.

[Image: live_on_this_planet_futurama-gap.jpg]

At least they dropped the MIB-23 (Men In Black - 23 Jump Street crossover...) idea.
There are still some thinking souls in Hollywood, somewhere.
^ Au contraire, mon ami...  I guarantee that if Men in Black 23 indeed doesn't get made, it'll be because the people in charge of MIB think they can make more money doing a straightforward relaunch of that franchise with a cheaper cast they can sign for multiple movies, rather than a jokey one-off they have to share profits from. (Jonah Hill pretty much said as much without quite spelling it out.) So even if you don't want to see MIB 23 (and I for one really do), the forces against it are most certainly not the forces of artistic integrity. (Unless, I guess, one is invested in the artistic seriousness of the MIB franchise.)   Blush
(10-09-2015, 12:01 PM)spence Wrote: [ -> ]Any thoughts on Bone Tomahawk? The Kurt Russell cannibal horror/wild west movie that could possibly be the greatest thing ever?

Just saw this movie yesterday.  It was definitely a slow-burn western that does have a little more dialogue than needed and probably an easy 20-30 minutes that could be lopped off like a certain characters limbs, but all in all definitely a good movie experience that when it turns to horror, it's quite a horrific situation the characters find themselves in.  I liked it enough to eventually take a stab at giving it a trimming to tighten it up.  If I were to change anything in the execution, I would've added a few more characters to the search party and sprinkled in a little more action before the third act.  Otherwise, for what it was and the budget it had, it's better than a lot of the VOD movies and that is because of the great cast that you root for.
Hallelujah! It's finally happening on October 18th, The Marx Brothers are debuting on Blu-Ray Smile . Lots of fine brand-new extras too including commentaries for all 5 films. It's labelled as being region-free.

[Image: 91yVzqhJthL._SL1500_.jpg]

[Image: 918moSEi1fL._SL1500_.jpg]

Also the 'Lone Wolf and Cub' film series is finally getting the proper HD treatment from Criterion in November. At $80/£60 it's pretty pricey but check out the awesome artwork, featuring Ogami Ittō and Daigoro atop a mound of their vanquished foes! Cool (I'm not crazy about the font though)...

[Image: 914jGjEhbJL._SL1500_.jpg]
One of my all time fave director/writer, John Carpenter, comments on the horror movie remake trend and Rob Zombie's Halloween....

^ love it!
(09-26-2016, 06:53 PM)bionicbob Wrote: [ -> ]One of my all time fave director/writer, John Carpenter, comments on the horror movie remake trend and Rob Zombie's Halloween....

Love that guy, thanks for sharing. He was on the Bret Easton Ellis podcast earlier this year if you want to hear him talk about modern movies and a lot else for like an hour and a half.