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Full Version: Random movie thoughts
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I went to this special screening last night...

[Image: henryv-quad-approved-FINAL-web-news.jpg]

Ugh Dodgy . It was sadly beset by technical faults. The sound was missing for nearly 20 minutes of Branagh's Q&A. Then when the film started I noticed one of the opening title cards was clipped at the top and bottom. Then when several shots were noticeably badly framed, I started to wonder if the aspect-ratio was wrong. But having not seen the film in ages I wasn't sure, so I didn't complain. Sure enough, when I checked imdb afterwards the film is supposed to be 1.85:1 but what I saw was 2.35:1 with the top and bottom missing.

Still, what part of the image was visible looked absolutely spectacular! I don't know if it was a new restoration but it sure looked great. Well worth watching if it comes to a cinema near you (Just make sure they screen it right!).
Ah, dear Harry! This was the film that turned me on to Shakespeare after school nearly killed it for me (Romeo and bloody Juliet).
It was one of the first DVD's I bought as well.
What a shame about the technical issues. Should have been brilliant to listen to Branagh and then see the film. :-(
does anyone else wanna see a Fast-Furious / Expendables crossover film ?
i sure do.
I've always thought my DVD of Henry V grainy and hope this leads to an upgrade.
Start saving your pennies Ladies and Gentleman because the jumping on point for buying an Ultra-HD Blu-Ray player is coming...!

Christopher Nolan has started shooting his new movie 'Dunkirk' in IMAX 65mm and 65mm large format film stock with cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema (Interstellar was only 35mm and IMAX). The film is scheduled for release in July 2017, so I'm gonna have to get a U-HD setup ready for the months after, when this beauty comes out on home video.

If I save £1 a day from now until it comes out I can afford one! Big Grin
I recently talked my mother into buying a projector. She did so more to humor me than out of a belief in its awesomeness ("will the image be bigger than my [moderately sized] TV?" she asked). After experiencing the magic of the movies in her living room, she's no longer skeptical.  Big Grin

That said, I remain thoroughly unconvinced by the need for ultra blu-rays. Blus are noticeable improvements over dvds, yes (albeit not really to her), but will an ultra blu look better than that, with the same projector and screen? Maybe a bit, but $10 better? Oh, hell no. Price them the same as regular blus, then we'll talk.  Tongue
^Nice. I'm looking to get a projector when I move. As far as 4K blu-rays, I think it really only matters of the picture quality is worth it to you. Not that the price of discs doesn't matter per se, just that they're always going to be priced higher at first, then come down. Think about how much more than DVDs BDs were at first. It came down drastically once the platform took off.
Well, this is just about the cutest thing ever...

Hmmm seems familiar somehow Big Grin 

[Image: cookerskiing.jpg]
Yay! Got my ticket booked to a one-off screening of 'The Killing Joke' on the big-screen Monday evening. I think I'm gonna re-read the comic before I go.