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Full Version: Random movie thoughts
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haha, I remember seeing Deep Blue Sea in the theater when it came out. I thought it was so silly and bad then. I'm curious to see what my reaction now would be.
@Frink: He may have been on the spectrum, and was doubtless somewhat eccentric, but from what I've read, he was also well-liked and fairly sociable when he got to Bletchley, and certainly wasn't a near-Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man-weirdo who didn't understand jokes, which is how Cumberbatch and the script play him.
TV's Frink Wrote:I don't think you can say that for sure.

Meh. The evidence in that paper is lame. It's classic clickbait 10 years before clickbait became a thing. At any rate the diagnosis has nothing to do with the performance. The performance was a caricature of a fantasy & had no relation to Turing's real personality. Like the NY Review of Books said

Quote:But this not only fatally miscasts Turing as a character—it also completely destroys any coherent telling of what he and his colleagues were trying to do.
Kingsman Blu-Ray/DVD doesn't have any deleted scenes, or an unrated version of the movie. I was looking forward to a potential fanedit using those two elements.

[Image: shut-up-ill-keep-my-money.jpg]
GDISM. Loved Kingsman, would have loved deleted scenes. Oh well.
TM2YC Wrote:Kingsman Blu-Ray/DVD doesn't have any deleted scenes, or an unrated version of the movie.

I read this as my preordered BR got delivered. There is a behind the scenes featurette that's over an hour long plus trailers to 7 other movies you don't care about. Great film (rewatched it last night) but man is that disappointing.
I'm on my noir and neo-noir journey right now and I've recently seen The Black Dahlia by Brian De Palma. And man... what a mess. I thought that James Ellroy's novel was such a great material for a movie and it’s impossible to mess it up... isn’t it (just look at the fine L.A. Confidential)? Well, De Palma managed to do it somehow.

I know that David Fincher was attached as director and that he originally envisioned a five-hour, $80-million mini-series made in black & white. Too bad the studio didn’t let him do it his way.

Although it’s visually brilliant, it feels like everything has been thrown at the screen, but nothing really sticks. The movie has so many threads that go nowhere, it’s sluggishly paced and confusingly constructed, and the ending is disappointing as well. There’s never any sense of how much time has passed or what the dynamic has shifted to (e.g. Aaron Eckhart’s character all of the sudden is obsessed). And half of the movie is not even concentrated on The Black Dahlia’s case.

Here goes a problem with miscasting: 25-year-old Josh Hartnett as a hard-boiled, cynical detective? And Hilary Swank as a femme fatale? No dice. Only Mia Kirshner as Elizabeth Short is really convincing. Too bad she couldn’t play Swank’s role.

An hour was removed from the final cut of the movie and I know that Ellroy’s praised the original version. I wonder if that cut material would improve the movie a lot (at least it wouldn’t have had so many plot-holes). I’d really like to see it. The trailer looks better than the actual movie:

Anyway, do you guys think that this movie can be fan-edited into something decent or more watchable? Some heavy cuts maybe?
I checked out Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief last night. Very easy to draw Harry Potter parallels.
Gaith Wrote:
[Image: Miracletheatrical.jpg]

Geeky man meets-cute geeky woman. They share a magical day, and arrange to meet at midnight. Except they don't. And WWIII may be about to start.

Although cheesy and contrived in spots, it never loses its core tension, and thus wholly succeeds on its own, ambitious terms. And the leads are not only totally charming, but utterly weird, giving the movie an enduring personality. Sort of like The Terminator crossed with The Princess Bride.

Quite pleased to see Miracle Mile get some blu-love. An unforgettable love story.
Gaith Wrote:Quite pleased to see Miracle Mile get some blu-love. An unforgettable love story.

Sweet. Sometimes I wonder if a fanedit could seamlessly get rid of the cheesy scenes that start and finish this movie. In between the bookends is a dynamite roller coaster ride. Sort of like Run Lola Run crossed with The Poseidon Adventure.