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Full Version: Random movie thoughts
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Two fine video movie reviews from the Nostalgia Critic's site: Shameful Sequels: Terminator Salvation, by Mike J, and Cinemadonna: Shanghai Surprise by Todd in the Shadows. Smile
the color of money. . . started off with promise, ended with meh.

shouldn't those wanting to hustle discuss strategy prior to arriving on the scene?
Just thought I'd share; watched the Grand Budapest Hotel by Wes Anderson on a flight yesterday and couldn't believe I missed this one, absolutely loved it. It was charming, nostalgic-- actually reminded me of storybooks I read as a kid, very fun and featured great performances all round, great to watch old favorites like Ralph Fiennes, Jeff Goldblum, Willem Defoe, Harvey Keitel, Bill Murray, Jason Schwartzman and even F Murray Abraham. My favorites were Toni Revolori and Saoirse Ronan tho. While not everyone may like this kind of movie, I've always been a fan of Anderson's since Rushmore, and would definitely recommend checking it out.
This guy's channel is pretty darn good:

That Fincher vid was pretty great.
Hey, how about, for the first time in ages, I write some reviews? :-P

The Fifth Estate

Critics weren't too kind to this one, and it flopped. Maybe the subject was already dated for them? I more or less ignored the Wikileaks diplomatic cables and war documents stories when they occurred, content to get only the gist and headlines of the matter, so the story here was mostly new to me. Cumberbatch is much more interesting and intimidating here as Assange than he was as a quasi-Khan, and Daniel Brühl is pretty good, too. I really liked the visualization of Assange's site as an infinite sandy office. B+

All is Lost (Netflix streaming!)

"Our Man" is a savvier sailor than myself in many respects, but he also makes some truly amateur goofs, most notably sleeping at night in a time when lighting flares at night is his best hope for rescue. (Also, there's apparently a fairly cheap gadget these days that can put out an SOS more or less anywhere in the world, but that's a more forgivable omission.) And as interesting as Redford is to watch, I couldn't help thinking Cuaron had it right, and that it'd have been more interesting to watch a woman of similar age - Streep, say. Still, it's a gripping and beautiful film; never dull. B+


[Image: 220px-After.Life.jpg]

One of my very rare forays into anything remotely classifiable as horror. Been meaning to check it out for years. A creepy and intriguing premise, but once it's established, the story doesn't really have anywhere to go. The protagonist is dull, which makes sense thematically, but doesn't help in generating interest. And of course no sex, please, we're Yanks (though it would have been a much lesser film without the decent amount of nudity we do get). Still, for what it is, it's not badly made. C

Obvious Child

[Image: Obvious_Child_poster.jpg]

Jenny Slate is wonderful and luminous as a young woman trying to decide whether to let herself fall for the father of the embryo she's going to abort. A small story beautifully and hilariously told, and Slate deserves awards acting consideration. Can women be funny? Yes, absolutely, though it seems to me they're nearly always at their funniest when riffing on matters pertaining to their own sexuality. Maybe I just haven't seen enough female comedy, or maybe there isn't a broad enough range yet. Hergé was loath to include women in the world of Tintin because everyone in those books gets banged up a lot, and he didn't think seeing women banged up would be funny. He really only came up with Bianca Castafiore in that series, and the joke with her is she causes everyone around her pain with supreme obliviousness. Anyway, excellent film that puts the horrible Knocked Up to shame. A-
Quote:Can women be funny?
I know you're answering your own question and all, but this question has never been relevant to anyone who actually knows women. Even people who don't should be aware of this phenomenon. Most of the people I've met without a sense of humour are male.
Quote:Maybe I just haven't seen enough female comedy
I think that's a reasonable assumption.
Quote:or maybe there isn't a broad enough range yet.
LOL. Yeah, that must be it.

Look, it's cool that you like the movie and all, but starting with the assumption that women have to prove not just themselves but their entire gender comedy-wise, is silly and has always been silly. (I haven't seen the movie yet, but I will once it gets to my slow neck of the woods.)
^ ^ I thought of Coupling -

Sally: [trying to explain to Patrick what platonic friendship with a woman is] What do you call people you go out with but don't try to sleep with?
Patrick: [beat] Men.

[Image: tumblr_lnettwc6Ab1qlpovoo1_500.jpg]
Hey, everybody! Wanna see a prequel to Hook?!

Dude... Joe Wright... director of one very fun flick (Hanna) and two full-on masterpieces (Pride & Prejudice and Atonement), as well as at least two notable misfires (The Soloist and Anna Karenina)... what the f*ck?! :x