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Full Version: Random movie thoughts
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Rogue-theX Wrote:TV info describes Collateral as a Study-Cum-Thriller?
[Image: BteRn6v.jpg]

So what? It's about someone with a microscope looking at sea men running around? That would be boring in two minutes.

njvc Wrote:i like this post but for some reason my finger clicked dislike, so the dislike is for my finger, not your post, which I like.

If you dislike [MENTION=8922]njvc[/MENTION]'s finger, like this post.
well, there's always the yakuza method of disliking a finger. . . . we should consider all options, juknow?
TV's Frink Wrote:If you dislike njvc's finger, like this post.

Only three people dislike his finger. Must be one hell of a finger.
ThrowgnCpr Wrote:These are cool. I love the Leon and Lost in Translation paintings.

I'm digging The Prestige painting.
AH HA HA HA... HA.. Ha...


... ha?

... anyone?

... why haven't I seen any human beings for weeks?

Cool video, brah:

Gaith Wrote:Cool video, brah:

That was really interesting. Thanks.
Yeah I remember seeing that one. It's funny how my dirty mind keeps reading the title as "The Spielberg Boner".
I wonder if this one is any good:


Anyone know, or care to make an educated guess as to weather the eone films dvd copy of The Big Wheel is any better than the Alpha Video dvd? Or maybe the American Pop Classic disc is better? (I figure the Alpha video disc might suck).