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Full Version: Random movie thoughts
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This is pretty awesome.

I feel very nostalgic/affectionate towards a large number of films on that list Smile

And the 2013 winner is....

Gravity :first:
Anyone happen to watch Pain & Gain?
MWRK Wrote:Anyone happen to watch Pain & Gain?
I did, pretty much the ONLY Michael Bay film that I've ever remotely enjoyed (and its a comedy, go figure).... however, given the complete and utter horsesh*t that the Transformers movies were, that's not saying a whole lot.

Speaking of Bay, the Ninja Turtles movie that he's produced just had some leaked stills of what the Turtles look like:
[Image: 600x800jpegfe2924606b690131dbf622000a2d1...aa2944.jpg]
[Image: 1601176_648520491873874_798187584_n_large.jpg]
[Image: tmntnew_zpsc1z8nqei.jpg][Image: donnynew.jpg]

I'm... vaguely curious now how this movie will turn out, based on these designs.
On the other hand, Megan Fox is apparently playing April O'Neil.... :|

... Goes and puts in the Blu-Ray of the 1990 Ninja Turtles movie instead.
JasonN Wrote:[Image: donnynew.jpg]

Sigh, they aren't even trying to hide the puppeteers.
where exactly do turtles go to get tattoos?
Tattoo parlors...where do you go?
Just curious. My box turtle has been asking for a Petunia tattoo.
JasonN Yeah I found it cool too. There were a few LOL moments, but I can't help but feel like it burrows a little too much from Bad Boys 2 in terms of homophobic humor and some other story aspects.

Also yeah I've seen a few Turtle pics! I think it looks great. It sort of pays homage to the original series and has that modern aesthetic feel to it, so I'm psyched. One thing about the poster though, wonder why Donatello has the Michelangelo look. I hope they haven't shifted character traits! :O
And yeah, was initially pretty bummed about Megan Fox's casting. But IF she does a good job im okay with it. I always thought April should have a subtle sexiness to her, you know the Linda Fiorentino, Judith Hoag, Gillian Anderson type. I think Judith Hoag's the best live action version of April to date as well. Tongue
njvc Wrote:This is pretty awesome.

No Gollum? For shame. And a nice video, but what's with the horrible-quality POTC: DMC shot, and the deleted/trailer-only footage from The Golden Compass? :oops:
For Woody Allen fans concerned by the re-emergence of serious sexual abuse allegations in recent days, this article is an interesting counter-point to a lot of the trial by internet judgments going on at the moment.

It was written by the director of the fantastic Documentary, "Woody Allen: A Documentary"