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Full Version: Random movie thoughts
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Just watched this, really creepy cheesy cool. Thanks to reave for the recommendation.

If you're a fan of Hustle & Flow and/or Black Snake Moan you should check this out.

Quote:Before he broke through with the cult film Hustle & Flow, and later went on to make movies like Black Snake Moan and Footloose, Craig Brewer made his feature directorial debut with 2000’s The Poor & Hungry. The low-budget crime film played a few festivals but has been completely unavailable for years. Despite its relative obscurity, Brewer says the movie is particularly special to him. “It’s my baby, my favorite,” he notes at “It launched my career and taught me how to be a filmmaker.”

Now Brewer is giving his baby away—for free. To get a free download of The Poor & Hungry, all you need to do is provide Brewer with your email address. Submit it you’ll receive a link; click that and you get a file of the film sent directly to your computer. I just did it myself; the whole process takes a couple of keystrokes and clicks and maybe 15 minutes.

Here’s a plot description:

Quote:“The story of a Memphis car thief who falls in love with one of his victims, The Poor & Hungry is the previously unreleased first feature from Craig Brewer. This gritty, black and white micro budget ‘digiflik’ was written, directed, and edited by Brewer in the late ’90s on the cusp of the digital revolution for only $20,000. Utilizing local actors and an energetic handheld camera aesthetic, this previously unseen first feature boasts strong performances set against a rough and soulful backdrop of Memphis.”

I downloaded it, sounds like a fun flick.
Wait, Footloose? Oh yeah, there was a remake or something.
Funny how it takes years of watching a movie to notice something, like this cameo of Richard Donner in The Toy. Funny how Donner directed a movie starring Richard Pryor that wasnt a Superman movie, & not Superman 3 which had Richard Pryor. Oh well!

Threads merged. Also, what Neg said.
Today marks the 35th Anniversary of the theatrical release of the greatest Super-Hero movie to date, Superman The Movie!
Ofcourse its no surprise that the movie went onto introduce ground-breaking film making techniques, paving the way for the cinema industry for decades to come!

Thanks to Richard Donner & Tom Mankiewicz, without who's genius, it would have been another failure like Superman 3 and 4. Also thanks to Christopher Reeve, Marlon Brando, Gene Hackman, Margot Kidder and the whole cast for entertaining us and inspiring us all these years, and many many more to come! Smile
Just spotted this:
Burn it! BURN IIIIITTTTT! :oops:

[Image: 234819_v1.jpg]
Okay, I like the movie, or at least I think I still do, but there's some funny stuff in here nonetheless: