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Full Version: Random movie thoughts
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Neglify Wrote:I kill you scum.

^^ No killing allowed. Unless it involves ray guns, then it is okay.
Neglify Wrote:I kill you scum.

I just watched Kissing Jessica Stein for the first time in over a decade and I could have sworn that it contained a scene with a performance artist shooting paint out of his ass onto a canvas, but it didn't. Does anybody know what movie this scene actually took place in?
i thought bruno contained something of the sort.
ssj Wrote:i thought bruno contained something of the sort.

Definitely not Bruno that I'm thinking of. The movie I'm thinking of is older. Plus I can't stand Sasha Baron Cohen when he's doing one of his characters so I've never seen any of his character movies.
Well 2 Fast to make sense sucked all kinds of major ass, I gave up midway and took it back saying my dvd player wouldn't play it. Still like Tokyo Drift. Fast & Furious was a proper sequel to the first in the series with nothing lost by skipping the second, and I enjoyed it as much as the first film of the series. I liked Fast 5 but don't think it was quite as good as Fast & Furious. The upcoming one looks like fun, although I hear that they will be lowering the amount of street racing in this one (Probably cause street racing isn't something to be proud of, or look up to (I knew a guy in high school who got killed by street racers on his birthday while crossing the road to get a Pizza or something, I wont lie and say he was a friend because I didn't really like the guy but it was bullshit that that happened to him)) but I do worry it might lose some charm in the process because these are kind of escapist kinda films, break from reality and such, whatever.


I'm not sure that I liked Gone Baby Gone, I think something is wrong with that movie. Something about the twist doesn't feel right, it makes you think and that's good and all but I dunno, it's like (and I could be wrong here) it was telling the audience to sympathize with the bad guys and that seemed pretty fuckey to me, considering the subject matter.
saw park chan-wook's (or bak chanuk, for a more accurate romanization) stoker today. the cinematography and sound design blew my mind. there was something interesting about every scene.

i might not have been in the mood for such a cold and unpleasant story, but my visual cortex was treated to something subime.
before i went to see stoker, i avoided reading any reviews or seeing any trailers.

afterwards, i found this. purdy cool, if not a bit more frenetic than the actual movie.