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Full Version: Random movie thoughts
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Pretty sweet little video from the On The Waterfront Criterion Collection DVD/BD about aspect ratios.

Well I like Fast and the Furious and Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift, should I give the other ones a try?
I missed the first four, but Fast Five was pretty darn rad.
Inexplicably, the films are actually getting better.
I like the first for some strange reason. Didn't see 2 or 3. Four was a lot more fun than I expected. Five was actually pretty awesome. Definitely going to see the sixth this year.
Rogue-theX Wrote:Well I like Fast and the Furious

Sorry, I stopped reading right there.
YoUr JuSt JeAlOuS!i!
Thanks Gaith/hymie/dominiccobb, Ill give the others a chance then, though I admit I'm not fond of anything Id seen so far of 2 (what with the "Hey, im a rap video movie with stupid frame rates" and the "hey, bite me, I'm a sequel" and that "short film" that takes place between the first two: LETS BURN THIS MOTHERF#CKER DOWN!!! [Image: 3d-mad.gif]) but Ill try it out and at the very least it'll probably have some random shot that'll be useful down the road. There better be some babes with skimpy armour and flaming tripple bladed swords with built in time machines, [SIZE=2]monster trucks that double as sex-crazed alien ninja headphones[/SIZE] and an X-Men/terminator crossover scene with a Bubbles cameo and Randy as the Terminator or its gonna suck.

End pointless rant No. 4,338.
i was on board with Fast Five's mindless entertainment up until the very end when someone decided to start wiping boogers inside their physics text book and hoping the audience wouldn't notice.
i thought it was pretty odd too that they completely glazed over the street race to acquire the cars.
not complaining. i'm a bigger fan of heist movies than street racing movies anyway.
I'm still waiting for a Simpsons Hit & Run theatrical movie.