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Full Version: Random movie thoughts
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Just to ruin my moment with Frink on the Hobbit thread, I, like Mick Lasalle, prefer MIIB to MIB. (Haven't seen ³):

[INDENT=2]It should be admitted that no one made "Men in Black II" because they deeply needed to say something. There's no question that the movie is a product, but at least it doesn't give the impression that its makers felt cynical about it. On the contrary, it seems to have been made with good- natured wit. At one point, we see aliens entering the country. They're told not to go out at night, and "if you must go out at night, go only to the East Village."

The movie's complete lack of seriousness is, if anything, an advantage, serving to soften whatever resistance we might have to the idea of a rogue agency operating outside the Constitution, flouting rights and playing with people's minds. The last movie, though a comedy, took its heroes just seriously enough for them to be unsettling. But in "Men in Black II," everything's played for laughs, and that's a good thing.
I don't even remember II. But I and III were good...
I do remember II, I wish I didn't Sad
TGWTG's MikeJ just posted a pretty good video takedown of JPIII. And boy, does it bring back the memories... the terrible, terrible memories... :-P
Either that, or the Genie could, y'know, see into the future just a bit. :wink:
Michael Haneke blows goats. I have proof.
[Image: 479797_550448538307434_1049114338_n.jpg]
I want to make a movie like this:
Good grief, someone has actually made The Lonely Island's Motherlover into a movie, with Naomi Watts and Robin "Buttercup" Wright.

It looks pretty horrible. :oops: