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Full Version: Random movie thoughts
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elbarto1 Wrote:drag me to hell.

it did.

I dont even know the details of the 2nd half as I stopped paying attention.
biggest cliche ridden turd I have seen in a long time.
I had to watch the movie with a Rifftrax just to get pass the first 30 god-awful minutes - whichever movie critics had said that this film was the next masterpiece of horror deserves to be shot and beaten to death with a shovel, as they clearly have no freaking clue as to what makes a good horror film. Tongue
I couldn't agree more. I wasn't interested in seeing the movie after seeing the trailer because I thought it looked like crap but then my dad went ahead and bought it when it came out on DVD so I decided I would at least give it a shot. What a mistake. God what a piece of crap that movie is. And the ending. I hated the ending. They could have at least given us an alternate ending, not that it would have helped the movie though. :lol: I don't think even a Rifftrax would help since they suck too. I've only seen two movies with Rifftrax's, Star Wars Holiday Special and Halloween III, and both weren't even funny in the least. Maybe if I was some immature kid I would have laughed at the comments they were making but as a grown man that humor just seems too juvenile for me to find funny.
the postman :|

I blame boons (excellent) wolf dancer for making me decide to watch this. Costner is hit and miss for me but this film was just BAD.

bad bad bad bad BAD!
i really liked postman agreed its somewhat clunky but i thought it had some nice heart.
survival of the dead

well that movie is silly. what the hell was the point? sure zombie fans get their dead people but that [spoiler:iv6pu9jt]final big thing that zombies could eat other stuff (horses, maybe twinkys) than just human flesh... so fucking what? the idea is totally lame and gets the whole theme not anywhere near something new (not that this is needed) or good![/spoiler:iv6pu9jt]

there´s some gore in it though...

Friday night - Shopgirl. this movie sucked. had an ok idea, and I like looking at Ms. Daines, but execution was terrible. uggg, voiceover.

Saturday night - Away We Go. this was a lot of fun. recommended!!!
I watched Shutter Island last night and by the end was left feeling very disappointed. I just didn't give a crap about any of the characters.

The wife and I had a mini Tom Cruise 'season' last week:

A Few Good Men.
Mission Impossible III
Jerry Macguire.

Watched Elbarto's Die Hard 2: Terror Storm last weekend and LOVED it!

I think we are watching The Descent Part 2 tonight.
I didn't know there was a Descent Part 2
That reminds me that I still gotta watch the Decent Scary as Hell Edition
wasnt at all impressed with Descent 2. far as im concerned the european version is canon; which makes D2 impossible.
Yeah, we watched the European version and wouldn't have it any other way. We are watching part two out of interest.