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Full Version: Random movie thoughts
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That reminds me, that Simpsons movie was pretty lame IMO. Came way too late in the series' run.
[Image: Sure_thingposter.jpg]

Now here's a seriously strange movie. The writing and characters are funny, fresh, and strong, yet it also indulges in countless cliches and sitcom-level hijinks. It sometimes feels written by a very talented alien screenwriter who only knew about humanity via movies, and then the actors do their best to sell it. Also weird but endearing: it's a cross-country road trip that's obviously filming California exteriors a third of the way in. Uh, guys? No place else in the country has hills that look like that. Just FYI.

A great film, this ain't - that'd be Say Anything..., which this in many ways feels like a rough draft of: Cusack, the driven, prim brunette love interest, wacky comedy interludes amidst a fundamentally straight-faced love story. But for all its faults, it's also tremendously charming. I'll admit it. Any movie that starts off with a teenage Cusack asking a girl "How would you like to have a sexual encounter so intense it could conceivably change your political views?" is pretty much guaranteed to be a good time.

Gone [2011]
meh. a cross between taken and seeking justice w/ a made for girls vibe. it was one of those movies that is competently made enough that you dont turn it off - but instantly forget it once its over. whatshername is hot in it so that was cool i guess.

Man on a Ledge [2011]
this one started strong but fell apart halfway through and derailed in the 3rd act. felt alot like Law Abiding Citizen and bits of Next Three Days w/ some generic heist scenes from other generic heist films. The Brother and Girlfriend characters sink the film as soon as they start having screen-time. Ed Harris needs to stop acting because he hasnt had a solid role in years and Liz Banks is whatever.

Road to Wellville [1994]
rewatched this the other day and while still not a great film it is quite entertaining if you like silly old-timey medical practices and matthew broderick. oh and i never tire of looking at bridgette fonda or her boobs. this might also be dana carveys best role IMO [aside from garth]
[Image: 2.jpg]

Heard of this one way back in '06 when it came out, and always wanted to see it, but never got around to doing so until now. In short, it's fantastic, a road-trip movie set in a limbo populated entirely by suicides. Sort of like a modern-day Carnivàle, only without the Good vs. Evil angle, which is entirely appropriate for our jaded, electronic age.

It's also a great contemporary love story. The trouble with crafting modern love stories is that, once two people realize they're into each other, what can get in their way? Sexuality? Religion? Class? Background? All relatively easily overcome. Now, how about this for an obstacle facing two young potential lovers: they're both dead. Not bad, huh?


Here's another modern love story, with a different obstacle: the lovers live on opposite coasts, and can't afford to move.

[Image: Going_the_distance_2010_poster.jpg]

This is a pretty good rom-com. Its narrative realism makes it unconventional, but everything else about it, from the wacky sidekicks to the gags at the expense of spouses who hate each other, is utterly ordinary. Still, while there are no ridiculous plot contrivances keeping the pair apart, they do conveniently fail to talk things through in person at least twice - once I can buy, but twice is stretching it. Not a classic like Wristcutters, but it'll do just fine.

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Completely accidentally stumbled upon a totally awesome essay analyzing the themes and subtleties of Weird Science. Nice! :rockon:
The AV Club just gave Casablanca a C.


... Casablanca the TV series, that is. Why, what you think I meant? Big Grin
E.T. really scared the shit out of me when i was young, and would avoid it whenever it was TV. i decided to face my fear a few years ago and watched it over the xmas period.
Hooray, the Nostalgia Chick reviews Supergirl! Spoiler: she think's it's terrible!

[Image: supergirl.jpg]

Love that chicken? Or...

[Image: Argo2012Poster.jpg]

The poster's aren't so great, but the movie's swell. A-.