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Full Version: Random movie thoughts
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Rogue-theX Wrote:Im looking at the back of the Boiling Point dvd cover and it says "3 and a half stars, Boiling Point sizzles. Riveting, swift and sassy." Why would they boast about 3 and a half stars though? I mean, if it was 4 and a half stars, okay. But 3 and a half stars and they boast about it? why not just say "Boiling Point is pretty good i guess. Riveting, swift and sassy, whatever that means. It has its moments, now hork over the dough please"?.

isn't 4 stars the industry standard? kind of like eberts "2 thumbs up" - AFAIK, most of the time there is nothing higher than 4 stars when it comes to movie tagline reviews.
Well thats a horse of a different color. My mistake. I still dont know exactly why they used the word "Sassy" in there but i did hork over the dough. Big Grin
Rogue-theX Wrote:i did hork over the dough. Big Grin
I'm assuming that you meant "fork." Where I come from, you would have to eat the money first before you could hork it back up.
4. v
to steal or pilfer, usually pertaining to items of little value.

Rogue stole the money to pay for the DVD.
I stole money out of my own wallet and ate it, then i horked it yes, because it only said 3 and a half stars, there, you satisfied now? Just because i dont live on venus like Tvs-Frackin-Frink doesnt mean i have to fork it, so fork off for fork sakes. :-P
Didnt want to say Uranus, and i wasnt going to say Mars either cause that would be hogwash.
Rogue is from Mars, Frink is from Venus.

Got me.