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Full Version: Random movie thoughts
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Moved your post to the Random Movie Thoughts thread.

I agree that the very end of GP felt kind of out of place, but I still loved the movie as a whole.
Fair enough. Smile

I don't begrudge anyone loving a movie as well-made as GP, but I do wish more people appreciated M:I-II. Maybe it's just too unashamedly Romantic an action movie for most? And I mean capital-R-Romantic. M:I-III had a rom-com vibe subplot, but the romance in M:I-II - which is actually the movie's main plot, with the MacGuffin poison providing subplot, as it did in Notorious - was closer in tone to West Side Story than, say, Superbad.
Been a while since I watched MI 2. Maybe a little marathon of 1-4 is in store, this time with an open mind to 2.
Ooooohhh!!!! The Dr. Peppers kicking in!!!! :-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o
Rogue-theX Wrote:Ooooohhh!!!! The Dr. Peppers kicking in!!!! :-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o:-o

Gaith Wrote:M:I-II is one of my favorite movies.

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I cant stand MI:2 - I have watched it a few times and every time I just cant get into it. its my least favorite of the series. I rewatched 1-3 a year or 2 ago when looking for something to edit and I was surprised how corny Part 1 was - I remember really liking it back in the day.
GP was ok I guess but overall I think I prefer Part 3 the best because it [and this is gonna sound dumb] feels the most realistic.
I had hoped brad bird would wow me a little more with his live action debut but I suppose you kinda have to stick to the perameters of the pre-established world with a sequel.
overall GP was decent I guess but I dont feel the need to add it to my collection.


in other random movie thoughts news - I watched "Haywire" last night, ann odd film from Steven Soderberg. felt like a Jason Bourne meets Traffic type thing w/ a female MMA fighter in the lead role - she was awesome in the fights but meh everywhere else. a good supporting cast too with nothing for any of them to do with the exception of Michael Fassbender who just kills it in every movie I see him in.
Yeah, 3 is the best imo. Didn't really care much for 2.
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you're actually surprised? This is Gaith we are talking about...

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I still find #1 very enjoyable, probably because Hunt wasn't a superhero in that one.