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Anyone know why some people are credited with A.C.E. in a movie? Like "edited by TOM ROLF, A.C.E."?
Rogue-theX Wrote:Anyone know why some people are credited with A.C.E. in a movie? Like "edited by TOM ROLF, A.C.E."?
Thank`s Neg!
You're welcome Rogue. Here's what I'd like to see on your edit:

"Edited by Rogue-theX, F.A.N."

(Fully Awesome Nerd)
That`s not too bad, if i ever add my name in the credit part i`ll definately use that!
I used the F.A.N. as a gag in my true lies edit. i did it cause there were 3 other editors officially credited w/ A.C.E.
Got a couple for you this time... Smile

[Image: 215px-Midnight_in_Paris_Poster.jpg]

Midnight in Paris ('11): Breezy jaunt is pretty darn likable, a cartoon for sophisticates; B+

[Image: 215px-The_Rum_Diary_Poster.jpg]

The Rum Diary ('11): Absurdly simplistic at times, but an enjoyable shaggy-dog tale; B+

[Image: 220px-50_50_Poster.jpg]

50/50 ('11): Wonderfully credible, equally touching and funny; a gem with great perfs; A-

[Image: 220px-Contagion_Poster.jpg]

Contagion ('11): Effective, exciting, and ultimately somewhat ephemeral; B+

[Image: 220px-Source_Code_Poster.jpg]

Source Code ('11): Excellent sci-fi thriller that's both deeper and more fun than Inception; B+

I was originally a bit let down by the obligatory Hollywood happy ending, preferring the threatened Twilight Zone-esque scenario in which he gets mind-wiped, thus being doomed to go on missions indefinitely, particularly as the ending we did get seemed to totally go against the story's own logic. But, while I still think a darker ending would've been more effective - fan editing opportunity alert! - this message board post does go a long way toward making it make sense:

''I liked that Rutledge's bullshit makes no sense in or outside of the movie because he was clearly lying to Coulter to keep him from realizing the truth: Rutledge was sacrificing the lives of people in other realities, who could be saved, to further his own ambitions for the project and to save "his" America's citizens. If Coulter realized he was letting real people die with all of his failed attempts, he might have been unable to continue or focused more on saving each train load rather than looking for the bomber. Hell, he could have lied to them once he figured out how to beat the scenario and save the day in the AUs and gone in again and again, pushing it right up until the last second necessary to also save his own reality's Chicago from the dirty bomb.

I really loved 50/50. A solid A from me

Source Code really had me until the double ending. It was far more emotional before they tried the shamalamadingdong ending.
I just watched Cloverfield again and noticed something; right before the end credits where they are on the ferris wheel near the beach, if you look closely you can see a meteor crash into the ocean, did anyone else see that?

EDIT: Common knowledge, nvm.
[Image: 215px-21JumpStreetfilm.jpg]

I liked it better than the eleven-minutes-longer Hot Fuzz, which, while amusing, eventually just got kind of depressing. This movie's action finale dragged a bit, but it kept me smiling 'til the end. B+