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Full Version: Random movie thoughts
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Yay two weeks or so to go til the extended Blu Rays of LOTR come out.
^ Are those not the ones that have the colors all screwed up? Or was that a previous release?
I sure hope not because mine are already pre-ordered!
elbarto1 Wrote:Miss March is actually pretty funny. It stars 2 of the "Whitest Kids U Know" and is much better than the trailers led me to believe.

i actually enjoyed Miss March as well. Fired Up was also another go-to movie when I would like to enjoy mindless entertainment. but both are definitely better than Dude, Wheres My Car?
Rogue-theX Wrote:^ Are those not the ones that have the colors all screwed up? Or was that a previous release?

Fellowship of the Ring was re-mastered with greater resolved detail, removing the excessive Digital Noise Reduction and Edge Enhancement that was on the Theatrical Blu-rays. Unfortunately, someone screwed up in the pipeline and gave the film the "trendy" teal tint and dim highlights that are popular in most blockbusters today... a lot of arguing can be found at AVSforum and

The Two Towers and The Return of the King went untouched, but benefit from the higher bitrate.
[Image: K_nineteen_the_widowmaker_ver2.jpg]

Excellent film; didn't have a problem with Ford's accent at all. And yet, for the third straight time on this thread, a submarine movie piles on a totally unnecessary final talking scene. What gives?!
This has to be the scariest music ever, i cant barely listen to it any more:

and some more cool s#!t:

[Image: BridesmaidsPoster.jpg]

If this doesn't at least get nominated for Best Picture, the members of the Academy will all urgently deserve a punch in the face. A.
^ I had to turn it off 30 minutes into the film. Couldn't stand it. Recycled material, actors recycling themselves.
That film definitely disappointed me. SPOILERS.

It was an alright film, not to question, but definitely not what I was expecting. I was expecting a big ensemble film with some funny women. Instead, I got about 15-20 minutes of that and 40 minutes of Kriten Wigg moaning about her sucky life doing some mildly funny stuff. The funniest situation was with the cop car, and considering that was at the end of the movie, quite disappointing.