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Full Version: Random movie thoughts
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I like "Alice in Underland".
the 4th kind was lame to the nth degree
Kinda went on a horror film binge over the weekend (since my video store got the "Horrorfest 4" movies a week early), so here's a bunch of mini-reviews of the movies that I watched:

The Fourth Kind
I'll echo Throw's comments - incredibly lame and pointless as hell (maybe it could've been scary if they actually went with the "real footage" concept, instead of trying to mix it with "scene reconstructions with paid actors")

Paranormal Activity
Damn, why did I watch this? Didn't Blair Witch Project teach me anything? :roll:
A few decent scares here and there, but it was a mostly dull film with characters I didn't care about that either whine/complain too much (the girl) or act like a complete jackass (the boyfriend), along with several huge plotholes that I didn't get or came out of nowhere [spoiler:3ai8mdm1](the possession plot twist with the demon taking over the girl came too late in the story and with very little buildup)[/spoiler:3ai8mdm1]

Saw VI
Better than the last one, but that's not exactly saying much (as Saw V was pretty much horsesh*t :| ).

Horrorfest 4: The Final
Now this was a suprise as this is pretty good and is probably the best of the "Horrorfest 4" films. Essentially, this is what would've happened if the Columbine killers were avid horror film fans who decide to take their revenge on their tormentors at a costume party.

Horrorfest 4: Dread
Could've been a great horror story, but I hated the main characters too much to care and there's some really bad writing choices regarding the characters motivations and logic (if a guy breaks my computer equipment or tries to hit me, guess what? I ain't gonna hang around that guy anymore! :roll: ).
[spoiler:3ai8mdm1]There's also a plot twist regarding the antagonist and his parents murder that I kept expecting throughout the entire film, but it never came, which left me rather frustrated in the end[/spoiler:3ai8mdm1]

Horrorfest 4: Kill Theory
Kind of like Survivor for college kids - a psycho stalks a group of young adults in a cabin and tells them that they need to kill each other till only one is left alive or else he'll kill them all. Not super scary, but a decent-enough horror pic.

Horrorfest 4: Lake Mungo
Garbage, absolutely frick'n garbage - this isn't a horror film, hell no, this is like a crappy-ass news special that's a cross between NBC's Dateline and Unsolved Mysteries! :mrgreen:

Horrorfest 4: The Graves
Complete sh*t... Tongue
saw ´zombieland´ again. this time with a friend and boatloads of beer. that was a ride. i like woody harrelson as the leatherneck with all the one-liners!

good cinema!

i couldn´t decide between zombieland and survival of the dead. then i saw white43 rant about the latter and went for zombieland. good choice!
Going by this AV Club Flops review, there might be a solid 15-20 minute movie somewhere in the feature-length Pick of Destiny...
2012 :lol:
Whiteout :|
Knowing Tongue *fart sound*
The caves will NOT PROTECT YOU! :-P
seriously, what a crapfest. alex proyas is a hack now and roger ebert needs to stop reviewing films. I know he's never really been spot on but c'mon.

Quote:"Knowing" is among the best science-fiction films I've seen -- frightening, suspenseful, intelligent and, when it needs to be, rather awesome. ****

Nic cage, what can I say, he needs to stick to decent roles like lord of war and weather man and stop with these generic paycheck roles.
drag me to hell.

it did.

I dont even know the details of the 2nd half as I stopped paying attention.
biggest cliche ridden turd I have seen in a long time.

the best part was seeing Raimis car make a lengthy appearance.