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Full Version: Random movie thoughts
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theslime Wrote:I hate [strikeout:z2n4bk56]The Usual Suspects[/strikeout:z2n4bk56] J.J. Abrams' Star Trek too. Mind-bogglingly overrated film. All flash and no purpose.

Sorry, couldn't resist. :-P Even more fitting would be Transformers 2. Wow, what a horrible movie.
theslime Wrote:I hate The Usual Suspects too. Mind-bogglingly overrated film. All flash and no purpose.
Not sure why you would want to compare it to Se7en, though. What's the connection?
Both are stylized and talky crime films featuring third-act reveals in which we're surprised to learn that (spoilers) Kevin Spacey is the killer. :wink:
Ripplin, that's not what I mean by flash. I mean narrative flashiness. Nothing to do with effects. The Star Trek script (despite some trekkies' disdain) actually handles real themes and concepts, and isn't very flashy at all about anything but effects. Narrative flashiness needs story, as badly as effects-driven films needs it, to succeed. Pulp Fiction managed this, for instance. The Usual Suspects, on the other hand, reduces itself to nothing through faux-clever plot twists, and is the M. Night Shyamalan's "The Village" of 1990s crime thrillers.

Gaith, I do see the Spacey connection. I just think they're very different films. Thank god. Smile
Actually, I take that back. As much as I hate M. Night Shyamalan - and I do, I even hate The Sixth Sense - The Usual Suspects is much worse than The Village. The Village actually did have a story, even if it was twist-based crappe of the highest order.
Gaith Wrote:It's very rare for me to start watching a movie and then give up part-way through; I generally choose my movies carefully enough to maintain at least enough interest to finish. But an hour into Usual Suspects, I just gave up.

[Image: silverfox.gif]
Watched The Book of Eli.

Decent movie, was entertained throughout and it's a very interesting movie visually. I watched it with an eye towards a purchase if I liked it enough that I thought it would be worth watching thunderclap's recent edit, but I don't think I'd bother watching it a second time. Oh well.
Anchorman Bluray Best Buy exclusive release-
the release looks great, the exclusive marketing is not.
I may have to get someone to forward that to me, as Best Buy doesn't ship to Canada. I did that with the Alien Nation TV movie pack, which is also a stinkin' Best Buy exclusive. :razz:
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