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Full Version: Random movie thoughts
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If you type in the title of a movie into this Cinetrii site: it will instantly tell you all the films influenced by it and ones that were an influence on it. I think it's based on an AI analysing reviews for mentions of comparisons, or something. You can select results to be Older/Newer/Both. It's pretty good but does come back with many aberrations. e.g. ET was not an influence on Mac & Me Big Grin.
I've not yet gotten into 3D blu-rays, but I've never said I wouldn't. And I was appalled to discover, last night, that the Terminator 2 3D remastering never got a North American release. The best I could find was a region-free import from Asia, but with shipping, it'd cost $60.

I guess the best solution, therefore, is to get the European Region 2 disc for a sane $22 or so, then play it on a computer blu-ray drive with region-bypassing software... assuming, of course, one even has a computer blu-ray drive to begin with. Hmph. Dodgy