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Full Version: Battlestar Galactica
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'The Plan' hits DVD/BR next week.
I dont know if it ever aired on TV and I'm sure its been available for download round the net but I havent seen it yet.
just a heads up to all you BSG fans.
Excellent. I don't think it aired did it?
if it did, I missed it. I never watch Sci-fi (or SyFy... :-? ) as everything on it sucks now IMO.
cancelling BSG was their worst move. at the very least they should have attempted to pick up TSCC.
Wrong era, but I was looking for some BSG pics and ran across this weird promo pic:

[Image: 425.battlestar.galactica.022009.jpg]

Apollo looks like "will you die already?!", Adama is like "wait, where was I going?" and Starbuck is like "our anniversary is today? Oh yes, of course I got you a present. Let me just go get it." *runs* *tires screeching*
I didn't much care for this 'film'. Whilst I'm sad that BG is over now, seeing this didn't help.

What I liked about the Cylons was that we really didn't know what the plan was. Why are they doing this, that or the other. What is this religion they follow? Why are there final fives? etc etc. What motivates them?

Well, if 'The Plan' is anything to go on, it seems to be the petty cry of revenge shouted by Number 1. None of the others really seem up for it, in fact, at least one of them commits suicide when asked to do a dirty deed.

Lucy Lawless was clearly not up for it, appearing only once in reused footage, Tory appears at the beginning and end. Roslyn doesn't appear at all.

It's intention seems to be to fill in the gaps from the Cylon side, but it just feels like a mishmash of scenes, loosely tied together by Number 1.
I agree, I thought it was crap. like an extended recap episode that told you all the mythical shit you didnt want to know. I wish I could un-watch it.

epic fail.
Considering it was Jane Espenson writing and James Edward Olmos directing - I was surprised it wasn't better. Olmos is quoted as saying that "You'll want to rewatch the series after this."

Yes James, to remind myself that it was better than this shite.

BTW - Caprica Ep 2 was a bit on the shite side as well. :-(
So there was a Caprica TV movie and now a series? Is that right? (cuz I remember there was a Caprica DVD)
Yes, the movie doubles as the pilot ep for the series, which premiered two Fridays ago - 1/22.

New eps air on Fridays. They become available streaming on the site the following Wednesday.
I just started season 3, so I'm just gonna wait until I'm done the series to watch Caprica or The Plan.
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