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Full Version: Angels & Demons (2009)
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well...Im not a fan of Dan Brown and I read only synopsis for A&D. This is going to be really fun movie! I mean act of terrorism with anti-matter??? ...come on. This guy offences me... is this movie for Paris Hilton? :lol:
I saw the movie yesterday. Although the only thing you see Tom Hanks doing is running from church to church, I actually enjoyed the movie. I haven't read the novel, I just checked wiki on it and seemingly the movie has stuff changed from the book... in a positive way if you ask me. The movie was enjoyable, better then DaVinci Code in various aspects... storywise, pacing, plot twists. Ewan McGregor did a wonderful job with acting. There was no chemie between Tom Hanks and his femalecounterpart, she was actually quite boring imo. However, the movie itself did entertain me.
T-HOPE Wrote:There was no chemie between Tom Hanks and his femalecounterpart, she was actually quite boring imo. However, the movie itself did entertain me.

There wasn't in TDC either. A&D was a moderately better book that its successor - so hopefully.....
Well there wasnt really supposed to be anything more than a superficial chemistry between Langdon and Sophie. but in A&D (the book) Langdon and Vittoria both have a LOT of chemistry.

even though it was much better than DvC i cant really muster up that much excitement for the movie and will probably catch it on dvd.
Caught this a few days ago and LOVED it. It may not be a devastating satire like TDVC, or even a satire at all, but as a straight-up thriller I thought it was more entertaining than most Bond movies. The history was very cool, even if it was pure fiction, and I have no idea why the villain acted the way he did, but I really don't care. The locations and sets were absolutely spectacular and 100% convincing (especially St. Peter's Square). A solid B+, and I look forward to future Hanks/Langdom films. Smile
I read neither book but I enjoyed DvC more than A&D.
I liked the "histories mysteries" aspects of DvC that were downplayed in A&D.
...that and Audrey Tautou blows my skirt up.
Compared to the book A&D the movie is very shallow, a lot of the interesting history was skimmed over and it was turned into almost a pure action movie.
For me:

Books: A&D better than DvC
Movies: DvC better than A&D

A&D was a horrible adaptation which changed endless amounts of little details for no good reason, DvC may not have been a great film but I thought it was a reasonable adaptaion remaining fairly close to the book (except for a few changes near the end).

Also the A&D film didn't have any of the historical flashback scenes that were in DvC (scenes of the Knights Templar relocating the grail relics etc.) and there were several places where I thought they would help give better context to events).