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Full Version: Problem Eliminator Wins January 2020 FEOTM
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[Image: e56qMbC.jpg]

After 2 initial draws, our final run-off has revealed Problem Eliminator as the winner for January 2020 FEOTM with his edit, Rocketman: Diamond Edition!
Quote:This edit aims to provide a more complete, satisfying and enjoyable telling of Elton John’s story, particularly for fans. Deleted scenes are restored, including Elton’s first suicide attempt and a subplot regarding the AIDS crisis. Two egregious factual inaccuracies are removed: Elton taking his last name from John Lennon (the real-life origin, from blues singer Long John Baldry, is well-known) and Elton playing his ‘80s hits in the ‘60s. The tone and pacing are also improved by cutting Elton’s last argument with his mother (a miserable scene that is too similar to the argument with Bernie Taupin directly following it). Finally, a couple musical Easter eggs are added to the film’s score.

Congratulations, !
Rocketman on IMDB
Rocketman: Diamond Edition on IFDB
A winner is declared at last. Congratulations  , and thanks to the people that voted for me in the run offs too.