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Full Version: Recommend me a TV show.....
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With Battlestar having now passed on, as well as Stargate, Boston Legal and Fringe only having like 1 episode left....Can someone recommend me something new to watch?

I like quirky, oddball stuff - Buffy, Angel, House, 30 Rock, Boston Legal are all up my street. I like sci-fi and supernatural stuff. The Dead Zone was fantastic as is Lost and well, Heroes to some extent.

Not so much into stuff like CSI, Law and Order, Cold Case etc. -_-

Already watching Terminator and Dollhouse.

Doesn't necessarily have to be a new show and could be a cancelled one that I haven't watched.....
Kings! Smile

Journeyman was great too, if you've never checked that out. You can probably find a torrent with the whole series on it. It only lasted one season...but what a season! That one had me hooked.

I knew you'd say that :lol:

May give it a go.
Green Wing, an utterly fantastic surrealist comedy set in a hospital, but no-one seems to really be doing any actual work. Two series and a one-off special before it ended. Channel 4 in the UK.
Like the cast/writers behind that one....
I am just spouting out shows I watch:

The Office
Fight of the Conchords
Locked Up Abroad
How Its Made
Always Sunny In Philadelphia
Sugar Rush
dexter - a show about a serial killer with a moral code. also ripe for fanediting as each season follows a single main story arc.
Old and i expect you've probably seen half of these but they're all extremely good.

A Very Peculiar Practice
The Kingdom
Kingdom Hospital
Drawn Together
Chelmsford 123
Boys from the Blackstuff
Brass Eye
Blott on the Landscape
Monkeydust (Legendary!!!)
Naked Video
Neverwhere (Neil Gaimens)
Operation Good Guys
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