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This is the place where you can tell everybody of your most recent trash movie experience.

For example: a few days ago I watched ?Day of the Dead 2: Contagium? on my ipod on my way to work. That must?ve been one of the badest movies I?ve ever seen: lousy actors, extremely dumb story (It begins with ?five days ago? and ends with ?yesterday? not showing ?today? :-o ) very funny fx and so on...

what else is there for ?Top of the crap?????

this is imdb's top of the crap. Who would have thought that such masterpieces can still be created. This is even worse than everything Uwe Boll ever made.
here my favorites. Top of the crap:

3.we were solidiers
4.mission imposible 2
5.Rules OF Engagement
6.American Pie
7.Aeon flux
8.Ultraviolet.... and many many more......
Dude, that?s some serious crap you?re talking here...

I didn?t hate ?gladiator? but an oscar for mr. one-million-different-faces-acting crowe..? that was the moment when I lost the last childhood remains of faith in the academy awards...

...oh and yes, ?Aeon Flux? sucked big time...
about gladiator.... agree 100%..... but for me, story is bullshit too..... there are so many craps..... all John Woo's hollywood movies, Bad Boys 2, The Stand, Armaggedon (for me)..... etc.... etc...... Gi Jane...... majority of Bond movies......(last one is ok)......
sorry.... not the Stand.... I mean The Rock (with Cage and Connery)..... my mistake......


voodl Wrote:about gladiator.... agree 100%..... but for me, story is bullshit too.....

I MUST disagree with you, Gladiator was a great movie. nothing about it was bull____.

You may not like Russel Crowe personally, but he did give a very good performance in the flick.
Don't worry about my opinion. Most people look at my as an insane when I say gladiator is a crap...... I don't care. Gladiator could be a good movie as a fantasy movie..... with sorcerers running at a background and striking lightning...... as a historic drama is a crap........ Wink
Ah, the movie was ok but Russel could have shown more of his acting skills I guess...I mean the entire movie this guy looks like he really needs a toilet but doesn?t find one...

...anyway, just my two cents here...

coming to real crap: I think I really don?t like the fact that ghost rider probably is a great sucker. I will see when it hits the theatres here in germany. on the other hand: knowing that a movie sucks can only make watching it finally better (I went to the movie theatre years back and thought that Episode I will be really cool... :-( )
Hannibal Rising

I was expecting not much and still I got less.
I am not only disappointed by the overall presentation, but also by the poor writing skills of Thomas Harris. What he made out of Hannibal is a joke. My favorite serial killer is becoming a poor image of himself.
I don't want these shitty explanations, these superficial attempts to reveal the secret behind.
At least HANNIBAL could be improved to fit to Silence of the lambs and RED DRAGON gave us the Hannibal we knew from SOTL. My collection ends with RED DRAGON.
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