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Full Version: She-Hulk in Marvel tv-series
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Two months ago Marvel's Kevin Feige announced the upcoming live-action She-Hulk tv-series for Disney+. Few details were given, besides the confirmation that the Hulk will make appearances (played by Mark Ruffalo). This is the logo:
[Image: she-hulk-disney-plus-logo.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=738&h=369]

Last week the rumor was added that the series may include the characters of 'Thunderbolt' Ross (William Hurt) and his daughter Betty Ross.

I'm a She-Hulk fan. Not all iterations have stood the test of time equally well, but on the whole she is a stand-out superhero for not taking herself too seriously, (trying to) have a life outside of fighting villains, breaking the fourth wall (talking to the reader) before anyone else did. And she pulls off making 6'7" in green look dynamite!

At this time Marvel isn't confirming much, just that lots of details are still undecided. To start the thread, in anticipation of this Marvel series and in my vain hope that a Marvel exec reads this post, here's my wishlist for the She-Hulk tv series:

1) Written by Charles Soule and Dan Slott. Their storylines over the past 15 years are a fresh take on a superhero's life and all-around interesting compared to some of the staid stories that make origin stories formulaic. Watch this mini-cartoon for a good summary of Soule's writing:

2) Conceptual art by Kevin Wada. His She-Hulk is incredible. His cover for She-Hulk #2 (2014) sums up our heroine's life perfectly:
[Image: tumblr_mxpkehnCOv1qbkgzfo1_1280.jpg]
And two more great Wada drawings that show She-Hulk having a life outside of fight-scenes:
[Image: tumblr_n8dgqgEASp1qbkgzfo1_1280.jpg][Image: tumblr_od1oeir0EN1qbkgzfo1_1280.jpg]

3) With sensational thanks to: David Byrne .But no actual involvement in the series. Byrne built much of the foundation of She-Hulk's character, but looking back too much of it feels like a teenage boy's fantasy of this sexy superhero.
[Image: e84e09887aba5382c2c7d2287a5306ed.jpg]

4) Casting: I have no idea. I do think the 1990s idea of Brigitte Nielsen was terrible because I cannot imagine her bringing any fun to the role. So I hope for an actress who projects light-hearted fun, and comfort and confidence with her powers and appearance.

5) Tie-ins to other Marvel tv series and movies? I hope She-Hulk will make it from small screen to big screen. But I don't know the current status of her movie rights. Does Marvel own all her rights, or was some of it tied up with Universal's Hulk rights?
What do you think about the idea of Angie Harmon as She-Hulk? She expressed interest in playing her several years ago.

(10-23-2019, 02:04 AM)hbenthow Wrote: [ -> ]What do you think about the idea of Angie Harmon as She-Hulk? She expressed interest in playing her several years ago.

That's a funny interview. She definitely has the enthusiasm for She-Hulk.

I guess it depends on whether the series will show She-Hulk all the time (a tall muscular actress may be the obvious choice), or a back-and-forth between Jennifer Walters (played by a less-imposing actress without CGI) and Shulkie (using CGI the same way that Ruffalo was professor Hulk in Endgame).
Tatiana Maslany has been cast as Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk.

‘She-Hulk’: Tatiana Maslany Lands Title Role In New Marvel Series - Deadline