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Full Version: The Demon Headmaster (2019)
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Just started on CBBC yesterday, a revival of the popular 1990s series, based on the 2017 novel by Gillian Cross that rebooted the concept, Total Control

First episode had the tight flavour of menace, there's some stakes and cause for concern (Lizzy's mother having an undisclosed illness), a twist with the bully being reminded of his cruller acts and is prompted to commit them again (Blake and the fire alarms), the one thing I took issue with is how easy the Headmaster's username and passwords were...but then, it's miles simpler than the ridiculous code cracking that cracked Number 10's database in "The Prime Minister's Brain

The CBBC presenter just before it started was doing my head in with the ever so childish "theory tweets" from fans, please don't air something that condescending before an episode again.

I sensed the tiniest hint of the original series theme in the titles too.