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Full Version: Hobbit: The Anti-Cringe Cut, The:
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Hobbit: The Anti-Cringe Cut, The:

Ah... DonKamillo, DonKamillo, DonKamillo - you f***in' genius you!
I too watched the Mini-series and you have, to quote the Oracle... 'Polished a Turd', and made the overkill of the 'original' Hobbit, at the very least, now worth watching and in bite sized pieces too.
The 'whole' now hangs together something like properly, it flows and it bobs up and down [like those awful barrels in the water!] and you now [whisper it!] care about the story and its inhabitants.
Having said all that - I still prefer the book!!! Big Grin
Well done and THANKS, you wizard !!