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Full Version: Help Getting Started!
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Hello all!

I would like some Mac help ripping a DVD to work with FCP 7. Sounds straight forward, yeah? Well, I'm having a hell of a time trying to rip the 5.1 audio.
If anyone can send a tutorial/suggestions/links my way that will get me up and running, I would be very greatful!

So far, I have a mkv file but havent been able to successfully convert it so FCP7 can edit it.

Macs do not like MKV files.

You would be better served to create a .MOV or .MP4.

I highly recommend the freeware MPEG STREAMCLIP for converting .VOBs into useful MAC files.

However, whatever you do, do NOT update your MAC OS to Mojave, as it will make FCP7 useless.
The older the OS, the better.
I learned this the hard way.  Cry