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Full Version: Back to the Future 2: Biff Changes Time:
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Back to the Future 2: Biff Changes Time:

For the goals this edit tried to achieve, I believe it was very nicely done. BTTF2 has a lot of my favorite scenes of the trilogy and some were cut to achieve this. So I might be a bit more harsh than I would otherwise. Cutting any frame in 2015 was upsetting as that was my favorite part of the film and I feel it's too short to begin with. The reording of scenes in Hell Valley worked very well. It's a shame the scene with George's tombstone had to be axed in the process. This causes the scene with the newspaper to be the first time we hear of George's death. As such it feels uncomfortably glossed over compared to the actual time it should be given. I really disliked the wipe to cut the sandbag scene. I think using the wipe was worse than just leaving the scene be. Though understandable for the purpose of the edit, loosing the scene where Doc interacted with his pass self was a bummer. However, the cut was seamless as I didn't even realize until the film ended.

An edit I don't necessarily prefer over theatrical, but still a good one.