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Full Version: Alien 3: Third Cut:
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Alien 3: Third Cut:

This is very nearly perfect! I consider the assembly cut the better version of Alien 3, and I LOVE Alien 3. But even that version has its issues with some dodgy effects and some things I missed from the theatrical cut. What this cut does is take the workprint cut and fix almost all of my issues! The FX work is what I was most looking forward to checking out, and it is stellar. I didn't encounter any issues with audio, and while it's not quite 1080p, the video looked quite nice on my 65" screen. I also didn't notice any issues with any transitions or wacky sound levels, which is always nice. All in all, it was an excellent experience. My only issue is that it still feels quite long. It is long, obviously, and that isn't necessarily a problem (I'm a fan of the assembly cut, after all.), but it definitely drags in places, and a perfect cut of this movie would tighten up the pacing a bit. To that end, I'm not sure the scene with the two inmates talking around the dead ox justifies its inclusion without the animal playing host to the alien. Some of the extended stuff around the fire could go, too, as that sequence goes on forever. But as a light edit of the extended cut of the movie, this is edit is aces!