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Full Version: Issue ripping DVD
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So when I try to play the DVD through VLC player, it comes out fine. But when I try to rip the video file with handbrake, this ends up happening. The audio comes through fine but the video is just destroyed.

What can I do? :/[Image: e2HFWSz.png]
Probably some type of encryption?
Have you tried using makemkv?
(07-29-2019, 02:28 PM)DigModiFicaTion Wrote: [ -> ]Probably some type of encryption?

The days of free and easy DVD ripping seem to be gone... my old gold standard, DVDFab, claims to still offer free copying as a feature of its paid subscription product, but, last time I checked, it was demanding a subscription upgrade for even the oldest and jankiest of discs.
I've rarely found problems with Anydvd. I'd grab a free trial and see how you fare with that.
DVD Shrink has never failed me, makes 1:1 quality and is free.
Tried to convert using VLC itself and got this error