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So Evangelion is now on Netflix with a fresh new English dub. Anyone round these parts a fan? What do you think of the new dub? Upset about the loss of Fly Me to the Moon ostensibly due to rights issues? Anyone watching the show for the first time?
Some of the new VO is solid, others aren’t so good. The dialogue does feel more natural than the ADV version of the 90’s though. As for Fly Me to the Moon, I wasn’t married to it. I’d prefer to have it but I’m not such a purist that I’m going to sign a petition over it.
Yeah, I skipped around the first episode to hear Shinji's new voice, and I just can't do it. A change in voice actors was one of the things that turned me off from watching Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. I'm going to stick to the old dub, and the old dub is the version that I shall have my father and stepmother watch. Plus, I hear the Netflix version censors the gay aspects of that one episode.
Also, I don't think I can live without Fly me to the Moon.
From what I understand they didn’t censor it but brought it more in line with how it was originally presented in the subtitled version. It’s more subtle and not as in your face about it.
Yeah, that line apparently uses an ambiguous word in Japanese that there isn't an equivalent word for in English, but in Japanese it can easily mean either "love" or "like." ADV dub goes with "love," Netflix dub goes with "like."

Also, I strongly recommend checking out Brotherhood again - once the story diverges from the 2003 anime (about episode 13), it's massively superior IMO. I've tried watching the 2003 version since and it just doesn't make any goddamn sense after they meet their teacher again.
Yeah, I’ve been reading up on the changes and it does seem the new producer took the literal translation too far.
Pretty much. It isn't bad for the most part - I like the more naturalistic performances of most characters - but it isn't amazing either. "Third children" might be what they say in the Japanese, but it sure doesn't sound right in English.

Plus, why the hell recast Asuka if the new English voice actor is just going to do an impression of the old one, especially when the old VA is so enthusiastic about the franchise).
(06-21-2019, 11:41 PM)ChainsawAsh Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah, that line apparently uses an ambiguous word in Japanese that there isn't an equivalent word for in English, but in Japanese it can easily mean either "love" or "like." ADV dub goes with "love," Netflix dub goes with "like."

So....this is kind of a sore spot with me.  Evangelion is my favorite anime series, and I think the new version has a lot of issues.  It's kind of a travesty.  The gaslighting of this supposedly ambiguous word difference is just one issue.  I actually wrote a whole piece about it, for anyone curious to find out more.
Sorry, but that article reads like an absurd conspiracy theorist politicization of an issue whose truth boils down to "it was translated slightly differently." I couldn't even get three paragraphs in.

It also seems to ignore the fact that the scene in question was translated almost identically on the original English-subtitled VHS sets before the old dub ever even existed.
Well, ChainsawAsh, that "conspiracy theory" is a shared concern among a lot of fans.  It's also pretty easy to not care about if you don't feel any representation is being taken away from you.  It's also pretty easy to dismiss the details if you haven't lived in that place and don't know what you're talking about.  Also, the VHS dub had some common translations, but it's not "almost identical" by any stretch.  If you saw examples in the article, or in any of the other articles that I linked to, you'd know that.

But hey, I'm not here to argue.  You've given your blunt criticism, and I've replied as politely as I can.  I'll drop the issue with you.
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