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hey all! i'm a huge Beatles fan and have been listening almost only to the fabs recently, and i've been having a blast! i feel like they deserve their own thread here. my favorite album right now has to be Revolver, though either the White Album or  Abbey Road come close too, along with Sgt. Pepper... oh so many great records to choose from! any Beatles fans here? do you guys think there's going to be a remixed Abbey Road later this year for the record's 50th anniversary? what are you expecting from peter jackson's documentary?
I'm not really a Beatles fan, though I do love this song:

It looks like Abbey Road is FE's favorite album so far.
Abbey Road is their best produced album for sure, and i love just about every second of it. I Want You is second only to Something in my book. Maxwell's Silver Hammer shows Paul with his humor at its darkest, and it's perfect. funny ironic song, i love it.
I'd forgotten about the new Danny Boyle Beatles movie until I saw a trailer at the cinema the other day:

It's out in a few weeks. I wouldn't bet against Danny Boyle making a bad one.

My fav Beatles record has changed over the years many times but Paul McCartney's remixed 'Let It Be... Naked' has been my favourite for some time now. It captures them at the height of their later songwriting talent but stripped right back to the simplicity of the early sound. Without all the treacley Phil Spector overdubs and John Lennon sabotaging the album in the mixing and track sequencing, it's a great warm sounding album.

FYI, the Vinyl Collector youtube channel has lots of interesting Beatles content:

Okay, but where's my anniversary remix of Revolver?! :'(
My wife loves The Beatles.

I married her anyway.
great post tm2yc, thanks!

i’d forgotten about the movie as well! it looks great though. i just hope it doesn’t take too long to come out here in brazil...

i prefer Let It Be... Naked to the original phil spector produced album as well, but i’ve gotten used to the original album’s track list. the stand out tracks to me on Naked are “The Long and Winding Road”, the title track and the two harrisongs. but i’m not much of a fan of Naked’s rooftop concert songs, but the inclusion of “Don’t Let Me Down” is just a must. the only song i’m not sure which version i prefer is”Across the Universe”. both are superb.

and i think i’ve seen a couple of his videos. i’ll be sure to look more into it now that you’ve recommended though!

edit: that’s what you get for posting a reply for over 4 hours.
My favorite early album is probably A Hard Day's Night (followed closely by Help!) and my favorite later album is probably Magical Mystery Tour. I realize that the latter one is kind of an odd choice, as Side B is just a handful of songs from singles that hadn't made it onto an album yet, but...I dunno. Somehow it all makes for a good, satisfying mix.
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